January. I love you. Yes I do.

January is a pretty big month for me. Even though January is snowy and freezing and crappy, and makes me incredibly stabby, it is my favorite month of the year. In January, I have a WHOLE year of possible screw ups ahead of me a fresh start. A clean slate, if you will. And I will.

In January, I can put behind me the fact that dirty dishes sat in the sink overnight. Every night. (sometimes longer if the hubby and I are trying to see how long it will take the other person to do them, which happens more than I would like to admit.)

I can get past my decision to send my son to school on a day he had a sore throat (and probably should've stayed home) because I needed some quiet time. Mother of the Year here. Nice to meet you.

I can put out of my mind all of the MANY, MANY, MA-HENY, typos, spelling errors, incorrect punctuation, over-usage of parentheses and other goofs I make repeatedly on this very blog. (SORRY)

I can let go of all the petty grievances that I have been holding onto from the previous year. Forgive people who have wronged me and love my enemies*.

Ahh, January. You are ripe with possibilities. Like a good banana, but I digress.

In January there are so many new chances to make a fool of myself, say the wrong thing, wear the wrong thing, and eat the wrong thing.

Believe me, I NEVER let these chances pass. I'm awesome like that. After all, what does it say up there? NO MISSED OPPORTUNITIES? Oh yeah. I live it people. I totally live my blog title. I'm not just blowing smoke up your ass with that fancy pants title. I am the REAL DEAL. Or something.

In January, I also have these things to look forward too:

My 1st blogiversary (January 5th) I've been doing this a year? Nice.

My 5th wedding anniversary. (January 12th) The big oh-five. Seems like five-oh. In a good way, of course.

My hubby, mother-in-law, and grandfather's birthday (January 15th) All on the same day. Whew, busy day.

and last but certainly not least...

My third 30th birthday. Unless you want to be a dick get all technical, in which case I guess you can call it my 32nd birthday. But you don't want to be a dick get technical do ya? DO YOU?
I thought not.

I love me some January. I just wish I could love it in Bali, or Tahiti, or Hawaii, but I guess for now, Michigan will do.

Fingers crossed that I win the lottery or find my dad and he is some wealthy powerful business magnate and I am the heir to a vast dill pickle  fortune or something. (Cuz, lets be honest, IF my dad is a  big name in the business world it's more likely he is a VLASIC (pickles) rather than say, a HILTON (hotels) or a  FORD (cars).)  Whatever. It's cool with me. I'll be a Vlasic. Katie Vlasic. Has a certain ring, no?


So, happy New Year to all of you lovely people.
Thank you very much for following and commenting.
Without you, I would just be talking to myself (as per usual). Well, to myself and my brother, who only reads this blog out of brotherly guilt, I'm sure of it.
Many of you have become my friends and I am so grateful that blogging  has led me to people I would never know just walking around in this small northern Michigan town.
I wouldn't trade that in for all the do-overs in the world.

What kind of possibilities does 2011 hold for you?

*this is not gonna happen.


  1. Oy. That's probably a whole blog post in itself, and lord knows I need to actually sit down and post something.

    There! To post more. There's my resolution.


  2. Oh yes - those spelling errors, bad grammer, typos, etc. Why is I never see those when I preview the post but they're glaringly obvious the moment I click publish?

    Oh so many possibilities for 2011. I'm gonna try not to be so judgey. Yeah, probably not gonna happen but I'm gonna put forth the effort (for a day and a half) at least.

    Congrats on your anniversaries!

  3. Hard to believe it's been a year! Congratulations on your bloggiversary and all your milestones. x

  4. I LOVE how you look at it. Past screw-ups? See ya! Future screw ups? Bring it on!

    Oh yeah, that sounds like a perfect way to look at it for those of us that are not *ahem* what's that cliche word? (Perfect.)

    Looking forward to a new year with you Katie-the last one's been so great, I'm happy to see a new one coming around!

  5. Ahemmm ummm Katie you didn't actually say which day was your birthday so how am I to send you a nice e-card huh???!

    Congrats on all the other January stuff and Happy New Year to you - I am so looking forward to another year of your fabulous blog.

  6. wow, January is truly huge for you! I am yet to acknowledge the pending new year. Still cleaning up the mess of 2010.

  7. Joni - I feel your pain. Some years I can't stand the thought of a new year. But I think this one is gonna be big!

    Karen-lol. you are too funny. I didn't give the date of my birthday did I? Cash and checks can be sent on the 27th. (har har)

    Sprinkles-no wonder why we get on so well. We have SOOO very much in common!

    Teacher Mommy- I think we should definitely meet up in 2011. Good idea, right?

    Kristin- Thank you lovely!

    Oddyoddyo13- I totally have to call it what it is. I embrace the screwuppyness. Thanks for the mention on your blog. I do lurve the Puck. ;)

  8. Happy New Year you - fingers crossed on the pickles - I always dreamed of marrying Colonel Sanders daughter. These things can happen, just maybe you could be a long lost pickle.

  9. I love the way you look at January! I'm right there with you. It's also the month of my husband's and sister's birthday, so it's extra fun. Gooooooooooo, January!!!

  10. Glen- Colonel Sanders daughter! You know, some people may find these dreams silly. NOT I, friend. NOT I!!

    Kelley- January is the SHIZNIT!:D

  11. Yep, you're a lady after my own heart. My own new year's resolutions are very much along the same lines, so let's journey together.


  12. Miss Katie ~ I hope you get everything you are hoping for this year. Thanks for all the smiles and laughs. I love visiting here.


Ooh! I love me some comments!

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