Now I get to be the guest. ON MUMMY TIME no less. I know, right?

This is the week of guest appearances.

Yesterday, Liz from It Be Liz  stopped by and was my first ever guest blogger.
I love her. If you have not read that post yet, you should. You can find it HERE. Read it. Give her some love. Ok? Ok.

and TODAY..
well, today is special because today is my very first time being a guest blogger.
Guess where? Oh, you already know because I told you in the title?
Well, for those of you who were to excited to read this post and skipped it, my guest post is on (drumroll)
MUMMY TIME!  Can you believe it? I can't and I see that it's there.
The bloggy Gods have blessed me with this opportunity...that I...couldn't....miss (yeah, that was a miserable blog title tie in.) Please don't change your mind because of that ill advised tie-in just then.
Pretty please?

Go to MUMMY TIME and give it a read, will you please?  I would seriously love you forever.

If you are on the fence, the word vejazzling is in it. As is the phrase boobie tissue.
So go. Go now. Even if just to see those words in print (pervsters).

Oh, and be gentle.
Like I said.
It's my first time.

(BIG OL' MUSHY- MWUAHS TO BRENDA.  Thank you! I love you.)


  1. Stopping by from MummyTime - I loved your post, it's hilarious!

  2. I have no idea what vejazzling is, but it sounds exciting. LOVED your post and am following you forever now. Hopefully not in a creepy way.

  3. Ahem. *too* excited. I blame the excitement for missing an 'o' up there.

  4. Hi Katie! Saw your post at Mummy Time! I enjoyed it. You're really lucky. Following you now.

  5. Awesome Kate. Made me uncomfortable, but still funny. Keep up the good work.

  6. Great blog! Found you from Mummy Time...and have added to follow you too! Thanks!

  7. Hi Katie,

    Well done! I enjoyed your post on Mummy Time.

    Ummm. Well. Awkward! I just said I enjoyed reading about your lady bits.

    Aw, hell. You get what I'm saying. Right?


  8. I loved reading your post at MummyTime - I have giggled to myself several times since, thinking about it. Thanks again for the laughs!

  9. I haven't read it yet, but I most certainly will!

  10. Will have to check that out! Love Brenda and Mummy Time. Congrats to you!


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