Confused = Me. And kinda ticked about it.

OK. This is not really a post, but I just needed to say this and Twitter only lets me use 140 characters and I couldn't shorten this rant enough. My Facebook friends are not all privy to the fact that I have a blog.
Voila. Random rant for mah blog.

I started another blog over at Wordpress with the intention of eventually moving there forever. I really like how Wordpress blogs look and I especially like that they have mobile versions of blogs. I really appreciate that because that is how I do most of my blog reading.

 Well, maybe it's just me but I can NOT figure Wordpress out. Every time I sign in I get confused and then angry and end up signing right back out.
Am I just too accustomed to Blogger settings? Is Blogger just better?  Are we the only intelligent life in the universe? Who really killed John F. Kennedy? I may NEVER know. Thanks a lot Wordpress.

Well played Blogger.


  1. I think blogger is definitely easier to 'pick up' but once you know Wordpress I think the user experience is about equal. I prefer Blogger though as most of my favourite blogs are on it and it has the dashboard for reading... x

  2. I have not used Wordpress, but I think that Blogger is the most user-friendly.

  3. This happened to me! I was all set and ready to go to Wordpress but then ended up balking at everything there. Their analytics sucks. It's not that user-friendly. Blogger is King.

  4. Oh i totally agree with you Katie.. I tried WordPress... i am not sure that it is so friendly as is Blogger... blogger rocks.. anything with Google rocks...

  5. Wordpress looks good but Blogger is easier for those of us that like to go out some evenings and talk to real people. Humans are among the least intelligent beings on THIS planet, never mind the universe. Oh and in a bizarre twist of possibility, JFK really was shot by Oswald with a miracle - single shot that bounced about a lot thus giving the appearance of being lots of shots from different angles. Google - where facts are facts no matter what idiot writes them.

  6. I've messed around on Wordpress a bit but I'm too busy/lazy to really try to figure it out. Long live blogger.

  7. There truly is nothing more frustrating than technology bull crap. That's all I have to say about that.

  8. Where would I go to check out Wordpress?

  9. I started on Wordpress and I LOVED it. I tried to set up a Blogger account, hated it. Then my amazing webdesign husband created my own site, but he used Wordpress as the 'base' and I still use it for everything.

    I am a Wordpress girl, y'all.


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