Blogging for cold hard cash (?!)

Well, today was the day that I was going to publish my vlog. Unfortunately, due to a poorly timed stomach bug (aren't they all?) and my complete and utter lack of knowledge of what the kids are calling "YouTube", more specifically uploading to YouTube, I will not be posting my vlog this morning. Not to worry, though. I have secured a pre-teen to help me do this later today. Pre-teen has even agreed to help me edit my vlog, if need be. So... score. Right?
Sooooo, since I will not be vlogging for you all today I'm going to do the next best thing:
 hand out cash 
hand out chocolate

 make out with Jason Statham 

ask you a question.

Q: Where do you fall on making money with your blog? Are you for or against? Do you ultimately want to collect for your efforts or do you think making money from your blog would be selling out?
(it only counts as one question of they're all related and all squished together like that. It's a federal law.)

I personally never thought too much about making money by blogging. Though if I had to choose a side,  I would say that I landed on the selling out side of the argument. That was until yesterday, when I came across a discussion (On AMB) about just how much can be made... When I saw the amount, it's possible that my feelings changed. I don't know. I haven't decided.

So tell me. What are your thoughts on monetary gain via blogging?


  1. My thoughts are - IF ONLY.

    I'd love to make some cash - 'selling out' my prime beefy backside, what's wrong with getting paid for your work? If you write a book will you be standing on street corners, handing it out for free? Nope, thought not!

    I love writing and do it for fun, but being paid for it would be a bonus.

    I don't know what those AMB'ers are making but after nearly 2 years, I have so far accrued about £20 on advertising, which is more than £40 short of the Google pay out threshold so I'm a tad low on actually getting my grubby hands on the cash! As you can see, my business empire is not exactly scaring Apple just yet :-)

    Write/blog because you enjoy it, but if there is cash going - why would you turn it down?

  2. It'd be nice, I need the money. Now, if people would click on my ads, I'd be in business.

  3. Well I wish you luck my dear. It is estimated at the moment that that there are 400,000,000 active blogs (that is 400 million) so the chances of anyone finding you at all are are remote and of then clicking on an ad even remoter, OK so I found you - but I would never click on an ad on any blog -because blogs are for blogging.

  4. I think for me. Blogs can be a springboard to paying gigs. I don't make a lot on money on my blog per se. But it has afforded some really cool opportunities that pay good money. Plus, as you probably know. I've just started The Mother Media which is my consulting business and it is slowly taking off.

    So ummmm...yay!

  5. I am new to the blogging world, but my wife has been doing it for a while. I do not think it is selling out at all. Who couldn't use extra money for their families? Especially when it comes from something you enjoy doing anyways.

  6. Glen- So true. If I wrote a book, I certainly wouldn't GIVE it away. Good point!

    Luke- What you need is an on campus JOB. Just sayin. ;)

    Badger- I never click on ads either. I go to blogs to read them. I feel like a lot of people are like that. It seems as though you need a ton of clicks to have the ads pay off.

    Brenda- You, are amazing. I kind of feel like as soon as I reach your level of awesomeness, anything is possible!! ;) You are such an inspiration to moi. xx

    daddygreenspride- thank you for visiting my blog. Headed to visit you right now.

  7. Honestly, I could go either way. It depends on how it's done. I follow a blog that does giveaways and reviews only and I've wondered if she makes any money from it. I probably have skipped over any disclosures she might post.

    I wouldn't really have the first clue how to make money from blogging. If I could do it, I probably would. I really need $$$.

  8. Forgot to say - hope you get to feeling better soon.

  9. I'm not sure about the money thing. On one hand I think "why not?". Like Glen says, if you are doing it and enjoy it, why not make money if it is there for the taking? On the other hand, I think it is a bit of a wank. We are writing about our thought and lives. Why should someone pay for that?

  10. I say why is always handy and blogging is fun so lets combine the two?

  11. The only way I will ever make money on my blog is when someone pays me to stop. Hey, it could happen.


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