My Blogiversary


Exactly one year ago today, I wrote my first blog post here at NMO.
This is what it looked like:

2 previous blogs.
This year, I am going to direct my free time and energy to this blog. Ok, and Facebook. I need my Facebook. I decided to write this blog because this is the year I turn 31. Actually, I will be celebrating my 2nd annual 30th birthday thankyouverymuch. ( I refuse to acknowledge my real age again until I am 40)

That being said, I realized-being the ever so wise 30 year old- that my life has just been pooing away and I will never be getting any of that back.
Teens? Gone.
20's? GONE.
30's? 1/10th Gone.
Time sure does fly while you are waiting for "real life" to begin! I have decided to STOP being scared,
 (which I am. A LOT)
and start LIVING.
My new motto is NO MISSED OPPORTUNITIES (now my blog title too). I have done a lot in these 30 years but I want more.
 So, I have decided to go get it...aaand blog at the same time.
Well, that and I saw Julie & Julia which has gotten me excited about many things: Cooking, Julia Child, Amy Adams, blogging,  and last but not least-Stanley Tucci. 
So thank you Julia and Amy for kicking my lazy butt and giving me some motivation to change up and air out the ol' life a bit.


What I really wanted to post here today was my vlog. However, due to some technological snafu (read: me being clueless) that will not be happening.
(Btw, is there a place I can upload my video BESIDES YouTube? I am having soooo much trouble. Gah!)

Instead, I would like to thank all of you that read this hot mess of a blog.
I know I am not writing literature here, and I get a bit happy with the parentheses at times, but you stick with me. I could just smooch on all of you. I won't, but I totally could if most of you didn't live on different continents.

Thank you for sharing your blogs with me. I have learned so much. I've read so many uplifting stories. Cried so many tears of joy and sadness, peed my pants on more than one occasion while laughing at your incredible wit and originality, which sounds gross, but is actually a compliment of the highest order. I swear.

I have made so many great friends this past year. My family doesn't understand how I can be friends with someone just by reading their blogs and having conversations with them via twitter, but I know it's possible.
I am so thankful for technology because without it, I would probably be sitting on my couch just staring at my husband, waiting for him to entertain me, or starting fires. I can totally see me becoming a pyro. You know, idle hands and all...

So, to all my friends
across the pond In England and Ireland
In Australia
In Canada and India
In Poland
In New York
Oklahoma and Kansas
and right here in Michigan
Thank you.
You make blogging rad.
Yes you do.


  1. Waves from Kansas!! Happy bloggiversary, so glad to have met you on the intranets. xx

  2. * waves * from Australia :-p hehe

  3. Hey... Congratulations! and Happy Blogiversary!!!

    As for your video related query, you can upload videos in your post editor since blogger offers that facility. Also, there's Vimeo. (www.vimeo.com) I hope that helps.

    Cheers from India!! :)

  4. Happy blogiversary! A wonderful milestone :) *waves* from Australia x

  5. Well, DUH.

    Happy Blogiversary!

  6. Kristin- The internet is pretty darn cool, no? :)

    Danielle- Thank you very much. You Aussies are the best!!

    Nikita- thank you for the advice. I will try that instead. Fingers crossed.

    MultipleMum- Thank you very much. XX

    Teacher Mommy- Baaahhahahaa! :)

  7. Happy Blogoversary. I just celebrated my first anniversary this 31st Dec... Some day huh!! I love your title Katie. I guess there should be no opportunities that we should miss out on. Have a blast and enjoy. Wishes from India.

  8. happy berfday blog - stop short changing me with the vlog - promises :-)

  9. Congratulations, and cheers and hope that it continues for much longer.

  10. Oh this here interweb thingy that the kids have these days is just marvellous hey? Happy blogiversary and congrats on actually blogging about it. I was recovering from new years so haven't done my blogiversary post yet. I might do it tomorrow if I can manage to get out of my pjs before noon.

    Glad to have you on my friend list too Katie and look forward to the promised vlog.

  11. Yay, Happy Blogiversary. *waves* from England.

    It's been a pleasure to spend the last year with you. Here's to many more. xxx

  12. Happy Blogiversary!!! So glad I found you. Or did you find me? Either way, I win. :-)


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