The laundry will wait. These blogs aren't gonna read themselves.

You know what I like?
Finding fun new blogs to read.

You know what I like even more?
When finding fun new blogs to read requires no real effort on my part.

You too? I thought so.

Through various blogging acquaintances (blogquaintances) I have had the opportunity to find these new reads.

I hate to tell you what to do, but you really should visit these blogs. If you want a laugh, or want to be inspired, or just want to have a reason to avoid the laundry a little while longer, you should check them out.

If you'd like your faith in humanity to be restored
 visit Marla at   Butts and Ashes
Marla is an outstanding woman.  Read this post is it crazy? Maybe but it's also AMAZING.

If you'd like to read TWO witty blogs about life and family
The writers of each happen to be married - to each other. Both are totally rad.

If you'd like to laugh your derriere off
Why should you? Because I literally fell off my couch laughing at a post Kelly wrote about Mister Roger's.
She is totally nutty. I love it.

Plus, SHE pointed me toward the Blog O' Cheese which is absolutely insane. But in a GOOD way.
Case in point? Go see what he plans to do when he hits 500 followers.  
That right THERE is worth clicking the link.

If you would like to get into Glen's inner circle before he becomes a  famous published author -and believe me- It's GONNA happen
Go read (and follow)
for some strange reason, he has less than 100 followers. This is strange to me.
Glen is the real deal.
He'll be happy and I'll be happy, and being happy is nice.

So see? Great reads with little work involved.
Just get yourself a nice beverage and click away.


  1. What are you like?

    thanks :-) I shall have to go look at some of these blogs

  2. Thanks for the recommendations. I'll have to go and check these out today. :)

  3. You are AWESOME!! Thank you so much for the wonderful, complimentary shout-out. I am nutty, BUT SO ARE YOU! Ha! As I already said, I loved, loved, loved your comment on my is-my-husband-having-an-affair-with-the-bus-driver-that-looks-like-Aretha-Franklin post. I will definitely check out these blogs. Glen has already followed mine. You rock!

  4. oh - popped over to Blog o Cheese and Kelley's - very impressive. I didn't get the Mr. Rogeers thing, being English, however I read some others and played Captcha Balderdash - I like :-)

  5. Oooh, new reader fodder. I'll be back in a bit.

  6. Gee thanks Katie, I tgink I've already found around 15 new blogs this week, what's five more right? Laundry smaundry I say!

  7. I found Glen a little while back, now off to check out the other links!

  8. Thanks for the shout out! We appreciate all the new followers that we can get. (even though Natalie needs them more than I do). This shall be payed forward.

  9. Thank you Katie. You are too kind and checks in the mail. As for being highlighted in the same post as Glen, I am unsure if I should laugh or cry. I seriously love the guy's humor which scares me. I may need therapy.

  10. Oohhh I love new blogs. Especially when I find them all lazy like.


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