Cocker Spaniels and the Nudists Next door

I did some reminiscing over my  lunchtime patty melt apple, salad, and the recommended 8 oz. of water  about when I lived in Detroit.

(Which was a LIFETIME ago)

My friends Tara and Michael lived across the street.  Tara and Michael had a pool although I only recall swimming in it once and that very time I did something (I can't remember what)- to which Tara replied "Shape up or ship out!" Was I banned after that? I don't know.

Right next door to us, a couple lived with a brownish cocker spaniel named Napoleon. He was a beautiful dog and probably the reason why I would love a cocker spaniel to this day.

Dave and Orla owned Napoleon and for a reason I wasn't aware of then, my mom didn't let me go outside when Dave and Orla were out. Especially when Dave was in his garden. I always knew there was something different about them, but as a child I was just too innocent to put my finger on it. Orla did wear some bathing suits that looked like strategically placed rubber bands and eye patches, but I didnt find anything strange about it at the time. I just thought, "Wow! That's a small bathing suit."

One night, coming home from Tara and Michael's house I saw into Dave and Orla's living room window. It was dark outside but their room was very brightly lit. I saw that they were both walking around completely naked.  NAYKID!! For some reason, seeing Dave in all his nude glory didn't really phase me. (Which, it should have, because at the time I attended a Catholic school and that would have been awesome playground convo with my friends. I would have been the coolest. "Did you hear? Katie saw a weinie??"  "NO!"  "Yes!")  I was more worried about Orla. For some reason she was the one I was staring at, mouth gaping. I felt bad for her. Like maybe she just forgot to put her clothes on. Like maybe I should phone her and just remind her. To which she would reply,

 "Oh, thanks for the call Katie!  I was so busy this morning grooming Napoleon, getting dressed must have completely slipped my mind."

I hurried across the street and into the house.I wondered if they forgot to close their drapes. I wondered if they HAD drapes.

Later I learned they were nudists.

I wonder what that crazy couple is up to now. They would be well into their 60's. Napoleon has long since gone to doggy heaven. Maybe they have a new dog they call Caesar or Achilles or some other historical name.

Orla probably still wears those rubber band-eye patch contraptions - maybe just a little lower- and a whole new group of parents are keeping their kids inside when Dave is doing the gardening in his tight and tiny speedo.

I would venture a guess that they never did invest in those drapes, either.

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