Ok, so- No missed opportunities. Right.
The reason I wanted to start this blog is because recently, my outlook on life has changed.  I realized that I have spent wasted most of my life being scared.

When I was little, I was scared to do things with my cousins because I didn't want to get in trouble. I was always the voice of  'reason' and had a million excuses why we shouldn't do whatever fun thing my much braver cousins wanted to do.

When I was a teenager, I didn't play sports (I wanted to play basketball.), join any clubs, or wander too far from my comfort zone because I was scared that  I would make a fool of myself, not fit in, or do something wrong.

In my adult life, I married the wrong person (but have since married the RIGHT person). I let people take advantage of me and make me feel guilty(you know who you are). I didn't stand up for myself when I should have. I have made decisions about  my life based on what others wanted and ignored my own desires.  I did all of these things because at my center, I am a frightened 5 year old girl.

I realized that I have been waiting for my personality to miraculously change and for my new, fun, brave life to start.  As it turns out what I needed was a looming 31st birthday, the untimely and shocking death of a family member and a Hollywood motion picture to open my eyes.

Even though I can never get back the time I have pissed away, I am thanking my lucky stars that I have finally found my way at 30 (while I still have time) and not on my deathbed (when I don't. duh).

 This is the way I have decided to love my life. 3 things. Basic. Simple.
1. Do not miss an opportunity to LIVE because you are afraid to look silly, fail, make people talk, etc.
2. Step outside your comfort zone as much as you can. Every. Day.
3. Never miss another opportunity to tell someone you love them, or you like them, or you appreciate something they have done or that they inspire you- because you may not get another chance to do so.

It obviously has occured to me that HELLOOOOOO!  Of course this is the way you should live life, but, some of us are a bit slow on the uptake.

That said, following these 3 life guidelines may not work for everyone but I have found that I am a much better wife, mother, daughter and HUMAN now that I am.

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  1. I love your list Katie especially #3. Sometimes in the craziness of everyday stuff we forget that one. Thanks for the reminder!


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