This is the year I get my crap together. 'bout time!

2 previous blogs. Deleted.  This year, I am going to direct my free time and energy to this blog. Ok, and facebook. I need my facebook. I decided to write this blog because this is the year I turn 31. Actually, I will be celebrating my 2nd annual 30th birthday thank you very much. ( I refuse to acknowledge my real age again until I am 40) That being said, I realized-being the ever so wise 30 year old that my life has just been pooing away and I will never be getting any of that back. Teens. Gone. 20's. GONE. 30's - 1/10th Gone. Time sure does fly while you are waiting for "real life" to begin!  I have decided to STOP being scared (which I am. A LOT) And start LIVING. My new motto is NO MISSED OPPORTUNITES (good blog title too). I have done a lot in these 30 years but I want more. More. MORE. So, I have decided to go get it. And blog at the same time.  Also, I saw Julie & Julia which has gotten me excited about many things: Cooking, Julia Child, Amy Adams, blogging, and finding  the secrets of good marriages.  So thank you Julia and Amy for kicking my lazy butt and giving me some motivation to change up and air out the ol' life a bit.

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