A gift from Mom

I just want to thank my mother for buying me this>>

I love it because:
  • It  will cause some serious eye rolling from my in-laws.
  • Whenever you can sum yourself up with a coffee mug or a bumper sticker you absolutely should.
  • It's big. I won't need to refill it 73 times to get the amount of caffeine I need in the morning.


  1. High fives to another Bleeding Heart Liberal!

  2. Agreed, coffee mugs (tea in my case) are a must if you want to express an opinion indrectly. I have an Elvis mug that I loooove, allows me to subtly show my (healthy) obsession without having to mention it every two seconds which people were getting pretty annoyed about! haha.
    I loved this post, short and sweet and it made me smile.

  3. Liz- I knew there were others like me out there. If I were to believe my in laws, I am the ONLY person who thinks this way...

    kbxmas- Thank you kindly. If only I could get one with what was written on Sarah Palin's other hand!!! :)

    Stephanie High- Thank you for the comment on this post! I am going to try to start a movement where people only communitcate through slogans on t-shirts, mugs & bumper stickers....oh, and blogs. No more of that old fashioned talking. :)

  4. Rhonda- Thank you. And yay!! You're back. Happy Valentine's day!

  5. First off, on the coffee mug...PERFECT!
    Second on your comment to starting a movement where people only communicate through slogans on t-shirts, mugs and bumper stickers...>SIGN ME UP!!!


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