I love to read. I spend a lot of money on books. I try to read at least 50 books every year and was chugging along just fine doing that until I discovered blogs. I am continually amazed by the humor, talent, and wisdom I find just reading through them. And, the amount of money I save is staggering!

There are blogs I read that are so wonderful that I make sure to include their writers in my nightly prayers. I pray that these talented people keep blogging (although my prayer may be cancelled out because I am praying more for MY entertainment's sake than the bloggers. I also pray that someone with the ability gives these people book deals.

There are blogs that I read that are so well written, so witty, or so laugh-out-loud-wear-a-diaper-because-you-will-be-emptying-your-bladder- hilarious that when I finish reading, I often return to mine with my tail between my legs and the mindset to delete this little fledgling "blog" (big ol' air quotes here people).

 To which blogs are you refering, Katie? Well, I will tell you. The following are some of the blogs that have moved me, or taught me something, or made me laugh.  Please visit them. That way, just in case my prayers ARE cancelled out, they will still be here for me to read tomorrow.

First we have
I found this one through Blogs of Note and since my very first visit, I have been hooked. Brenda is warm and extremely funny. She also uses words that I adore such as lovelies  and the word mummy as a word for mommy (what can I say? I live in the U.S. The only time we use the word Mummy is when we are talking about the end result of the ancient Egyptians style of preparing the dead). I read it religiously because I like to laugh and Brenda always delivers. So go there, choose a topic at random. You will be happy you did.

Next we have
 I Looovvvee this one because:
a) It's a riot
b) she posts regularly-which is good because I check blogger way more times a day than I would like to admit and she has rarely kept me waiting long for her next post
c) I feel like we have a lot in common from what I have read. I think that if she got stranded in Michigan for some reason, we could hang out. Not only would we have fun (probably playing the Wii) she would say nice things about me later in her blog. And not just to be nice.
d) Liz looks a lot like my favorite sister-in-law. This has no bearing on WHY I read her blog. I just added it for trivia purposes. She does though.
Just go there. Read it. It is just the right mixture of Heart and Snark. Yay!

And last (because I am running short of time-I am at work and all) we have
I found this one on Blogs of Note too and I am SOOOO glad I did.
If you have a fear of creating pee puddles large enough to short out your computer, or you snort like a farm pig when you find something funny, you should STILL read this blog. The need to change your pants will be worth it, I pinky swear!
 I would give my right arm and left knee to write just half as well as she does. And my car. And my highschool yearbooks, and my Uncle Herbert....and...the big one : I would swear off Twinkies Do you hear that Blogging Talent Gods?  Do you? Twinkies forever*.  She's that good.

*Starting tomorrow
I am going to go eat a box of twinkies just in case the Gods are listening.
Happy Reading


  1. Hi Katie, I love Brenda's blog. She's a riot, and a wonderful person to boot. I'll have to check out the other two. Thanks for adding me to you blogroll!

  2. Hey you, lovely Katie you. You know I love you right?

    And oh my! I've got First Mention. I am super duper chuffed! Mwahs, mwahs, mwahs!

  3. I too love Brenda's blog and now I have 2 more to check out!!

  4. Hey just found your blog via someone elses!! Thanks for the great list - you sound like an interesting gal, going to peruse through a little more -


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