And Stay out!!

Well, Spring has made it to Northern Michigan. And by made it, I mean that this sunny, beautiful 50 degree weather will stick around just long enough for us to  unpack all of our "springtime clothing" (which is actually our summer clothing because once it reaches 48 degrees here for a few days in a row we start wearing our shorts and sandals again.)
 When it's nice like this, we can be heard saying things like,

 "Ugh. Kinda balmy today huh?"
 "I hear it is supposed to be 53 degrees tomorrow!  I think I will lay out and work on my tan."

We will all become smug and cocky about how warm it has gotten when Mother Nature will pull a big switch-a-roo and send back the gray skies and drop 23 more inches of snow our sandal clad selves.

Mark my words. 
It happens every year.

Around these parts, there are a few groups of people where snow is concerned.

Group one. Snow haters.

Group two. People who own ski resorts/people who ENJOY using ski resorts.
(Bless their pea pickin' hearts. Each and every crazy one of 'em)

Bet you can't tell where I fall...

There is a relatively large number of people that fall into that first group but you have to be careful when identifying yourself  as a member of the Snow haters group.

Admit it out loud in front of any member of group two and you are in for a lengthy sermon about how snow brings business to our area and without business there wouldbenojobsandsoyoushouldbeHAPPYthatwegetlotsofsnowblahblahblahhhh...
I dislike hearing this speech almost as much as I hate snow.

When people start in on it, I am tempted to say,

 " You know, you must have heard me wrong. I LOVE snow.  Oh yeah! I have a big refrigerated warehouse where I put truckloads of snow that is still on the ground when the weather starts melting it.  I collect...no...RESCUE.. it  and store it until next winter. I love snow SO much that I can not bear the thought of it melting! I know you feel the same way. Being such an avid snow supporter, would you like to sponsor a ton of snow to pay for its upkeep in the warehouse and to offset costs of this service?  It only costs $900 dollars a month.  Snow is so precious. Don't let the unthinkable happen!
 (here I would elbow the person conspiratorially and whisper that dirty 's' word. Spring.) 
Donate today! SAVE THE SNOW!!"

No? You don't want to? 
 Then shut up.

Anyway, like everyone else, I too pulled out my capris and sandals. So, when Mother Nature decides to play her funny little 'trick', I will become a member of the third group which is-
People who wear sandals in the snow out of spite.

(photo courtesy of google images)

Will my feet be cold? Absolutely.

Ahh but my HEART will be warm with rebellion!


  1. A girl after my own heart! Now, I fall into an in-between group of winter haters but snow lovers. Sounds contradictory, I know, but I figure if I have to deal with the cold of winter, I want some snow to make it pretty. It's also fun for the kids and my crazy dog and cat who love the snow also.

    Spring starts for me on March 1st. I don't care what the weather is or if it snows anymore, I will not wear a coat, hat, mitten, boot, etc...again until Dec. 1st (when winter officially begins for me).

  2. @Kristen, I am going to assume that you are talking about my cold feet in the crazy comment...but know you are probably referring to my state of mind... :) (and rightly so)

    @Christina you know what I mean! Its not like I HATE winter. It's just the snow. I am SO jaded. I am expecting some hate comments from this admission...

  3. I am one of the snow lovers, except I hate winter. So Christina dear fellow commenter we are of the same spirit! YAY! The snow is so prettiful, but then I like it to go away because I love Mr. Sun soo soo much more. The warm and water and shorts and oh my pale skin just is dying for sun!

  4. Born & Raised in Cali...this is all so foreign to me!

    I wish I could see Snow more often but I should be thankful we get mostly nice weather...you want what you can't have I guess-right?


  5. Snow lover...skied all weekend. Still reading you...guest post on my blog while I am under duress and having a blog block?

  6. @Tina- I appreciate you still reading me. I have always wanted to be an avid skiier or snow boarder but my body dictates that I a more of a 'sit in the warming house and drink cocoa' kind of girl. And guest blog? Yay! How does THAT work…?

  7. BE more of a... Dang ! I will not be leaving comments from my iPod anymore. Too many typos!!! Aaarrrrrgghhh


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