Today A few weeks ago, I was given this beautiful award by one of my FAVE-O-RITE bloggers Brenda, at Mummy Time. Thank you very much, Brenda. If you have not visited her blog, I suggest you do. Especially if you would like a good laugh. Or a chuckle. Even if you would  just like to giggle-this is the place to do so. 
The Rules are that you are to state 7 things about yourself and then pass the award to 7 more bloggers.
These are simple rules that I can handle. Though I am only passing this on to 3 bloggers. For now.

Here we go.
BUT  First, here are some bloggers that I love that I would like to have this award:

 Rattling of the Brain- You should check out this blog because this gal is from Michigan. If that is not enough of a reason, she also has a tattoo of something her grandma drew. I know. How cool is that? Oh, and she has 1 follower-and it's me. 'Nuff said.

Wherever you go...there you are...-I like Rhonda because she makes me feel better about being a cougar. Plus, On St. Patty's day she wrote in GREEN.  I am so jealous I did not think of that. Pay Rhonda a visit she will make you smile.

Layin' it down for all to see- Do yourself a favor and read through this blog. It is strange and wonderful on every level. I love it, love it, love it. This is my go to Monday morning blog. trying to be KREATIVE and all, I am going to make the theme of these 7 bits about me come ONLY from my super fascinating highschool years.

 In high schools I was voted:
Most humorous (read: I was in trouble a lot)
Most School Spirit (read: I could be very annoying)
Prettiest Eyes (read: I paid people to vote for me for this one)

An english assigment that was given in 11th grade was:  Write a 500 word essay on what you are going to do to succeed in the real world after highschool.
 (The answers they were looking for-College, Hard Work,Budgeting, yada yada. BORING!)
The title of my paper was-
"I am going to succeed in the real world by sleeping my way to the top."
 My grade? One day in-school suspension spent with the principal.
Totally worth it!

I once dyed my hair black and orange (ridiculous school colors).
What can I say? MOST SCHOOL SPIRIT, people! 
Thankfully no photographic proof of this exists.
That I know of.

I was once groped in a bar during school hours. I was sent to the bar during school hours to sell year book ads.
Yep. True story.

The car I drove to school in did not have heat but it DID have a cassette player so whatev. Also, the passenger side door had to be held closed from the inside which didn't matter to me, but my cousin hated it, being my passenger every day. What were my parents THINKING?

I went to school with 2 people who became 'Famous' with their bands. You know- famous like Paris Hilton and Kate Gosslin where you wonder WHY?  Not famous like, say, Michael Jackson

I took a German Language class via satellite with a school that offered it not too far away. We secretely called the teacher Herr Hair because of his luxurious golden locks.
Seemed funnier then.

Incidentally, I did NOT sleep my way to the top.'s never to late to start.


  1. Nothing wrong with "sleeping your way to the top" in my opinion. That is a skill, right? No? Whatevs. Hehe.

    And, photographic evidence of those pretty eyes, please?!

    And FTR, I *heart* *heart* your blog too.xoxoxo

  2. I slept my way to the top of my family unit. I rule over Jim and the kids. Hoo ya!

  3. Love it as always Katie especially the dyed hair

  4. Ooo ps I did that comment on my new iPhone . I heart it have you got yours yet?

  5. Hey,love your blog! Just wanted to say I am your newest follower & thankkks for the comment.

  6. I have been so far behind...and once again... I have missed at good read at your place...scrolling back to see what you have been up to...and remember I got 4 kids...who the eff can keep up with 4 kids..what the eff was I thinking. I love Mummy-Time!! Brenda is a hoot. That is where I found you and Wanderlust. Y'all some funny peeples.

  7. I slept my way to the bottom. That's why I am in charge of the kitty litter.

  8. I just wish I could get some sleep.

    Love the thought of the orange and black hair, maybe I should try that next time I dye.

  9. Oh my gosh Katie thank you for the award and kind words, it's nice to know someone I don't know thinks highly of what I have to say and likes my grandma's tattoo I have! It's even signed with the date she drew it underneath it. I found it shortly after she passed and knew that was the tattoo I had to get to honor her! Thanks for keeping up with me. Until next time...


Ooh! I love me some comments!

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