Dear Title line, this is going to be my title.

Since I am having some trouble being original as of late, I have decided to do a post that is just plain easy and fun.

Big ol' thank you's to my bloggy buddies who did this first, Kristin at Wanderlust who got the idea from Claire Marie at Spontaneous Delight

 Without further ado, here are my letters to inanimate objects.

Dear Crack in my windshield,
     Of all of the places on the ENTIRE windshield, I can appreciate that you beat the odds and ended up directly in my eye line. However, when the sun hits you, I am blinded. Not cool. There's a kid in the car!

Dear Sink full of dishes,
     I am seriously contemplating reworking this months budget so that I can just throw all of you out and start again, with new, clean dishes. And yes, it WOULD be worth eating boxed mac & cheese for the rest of the month to do so.

Dear Radio Station,
     I counted Lady Antebellum EIGHT times yesterday. I have barely forgiven you for the HOT MOM contest. Don't press your luck.

Dear Lottery,
     I swear that if I win you, the FIRST thing I will do is donate a substantial portion of you to my local public library. Then and ONLY then, will I buy myself a Buick Enclave.

Dear iPod Touch,
     I don't even WANT to know what that crusty stuff on your screen is.

Dear Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle movie that my son has watched 67 times in 3 days,
     Tonight you go back to the video store.

Dear Fishing boat,
     I am a bit jealous of my husbands love for you but secretely I am glad he has finally found you.

Dear To Do list,
      Quit looking at me! Stop! I said stop!

Dear search for my dad,
     You are not progressing as well as I thought you would. Step it up a notch please. He and I are not getting any younger.

Dear Blogs I love,
     I love reading you all the time, however, sometimes you make me feel like a blogging imposter. I need to step up my game. You are AMAZING!


  1. Wow, I think Claire Marie picked a good one, lots of people glomming onto this meme. And yeah, on the iPod, I don't wanna know either.

  2. Dear Cars DVD,
    How long are you going to last?

  3. Too funny! I love the sink full of dirty dishes one! Cool idea!

  4. HAHA!!! :) So I will fully admit that the dirty dish thing has happened in my house a couple (yes a couple times) haha...What can I say, I get lazy :) We now use plastic cups and silverwear and use paper plates! We do have good dishes for just in case though :)

  5. Oh man... that's hilarious. My little brother used to watch movies over and over and over again like that too... like every other kid, but worse. Haha.

    Thanks for playing along!! =)

    @Kristin -- Thanks!

  6. Love it.

    Is this mole on my shoulder an inanimate object? if so, I would like to ask it not to be cancerous.

  7. What a cute idea! I might do this one too!!!

  8. It's so very true. And now I've added you to my excuse for not cleaning my home. So many great blogs, so little time.

  9. How funny...Although I have to add we bought the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie. Hey both the hubs and I were HUGE fans as children, its only fair that we torment our children with this as well. MWAHAHAH.

    I'm passing on the Sunshine Award to you! You can pick it up on my blog. I know I don't comment much, and its a work in progress. I love your blog and had to pass this award on to you. No strings, so if you don't want it its not big deal. I'll still read your blog.

  10. Amazing how the power of those heroes in a half shell still resonate through the generations - Cowabunga dude!

    And as for the dishes if you win the lottery, you could just buy a completely new kitchen!!

  11. perhaps you should employ a cheap child to do the dishes, not your own (it's not worth the noise of trying to get our own kids to wash up) but perhaps once a week you go out and pull a couple in off the street and give them a bag of sweets and a sip of Cola each to do them for you.

    It's just a suggestion

  12. First of all I would like to add that I love the format of this blog! Sometimes it's best to throw away the to-do list and make time for yourself, even if it's really hard and takes you until 2 in the morning. A good bubble bath with candle's can make almost anyone feel better. I understand your stress and I hope the blogging helped rid you of some of it. God bless you.

    Amanda Krzywonski
    (My Life as Mandy)

    P.S.- I love the owls, my favorite animal in the world. Well, next to Elephants.

  13. Love this post!

    My oldest son watch the first Land Before Time movie so much, I knew the entire move word for word.

  14. You are AMAZING too.

    I love these so and so posts - they're great.

    I'm still laughing about your sink. Maybe paper plates?

    Good luck for the hunt for your dad. I don't know mine either, it hurts a lot sometimes.


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