In this case, the winner is a loser.

All over the radio for the last couple of weeks I have been hearing of contests that you can enter to win fabulous prizes.
 One is:
The Hometown HOTTIE contest, sponsored by a local rock radio station.
Basically, if you are hot, or think you are, you send your pictures to this station.
One close up picture of your face, one full length body shot.
After receiving all of the entries, the people of this radio station will pick out their top 10 favorite hot people and from there, listeners can go to a website and vote for their favorite.

The winners, (one guy and one girl)-deemed the HOMETOWN HOTTIES win a sitting with a professional photographer, who will then take MORE pictures of their incredible hotness, whereby allowing them to have more pictures to send to more contests and so on until, just by winning beauty contests, they are able to snag the sugar daddy (or mama) of their dreams...

The other:
 was a HOT MOM contest.(In honor of Mother's Day, for joy!)
Same premise as above, only to qualify, you have guessed it. Be a mom. Nay, a gorgeous mom.
(You know, not necessarily a good mom. Rules didn't require you to be a caring mother...or that you read to your children, or that you give them enough fruits and veggies every day. The contest did not stipulate that you must give discipline and guidance to your child. You didn't even necessarily have to have custody of this child.) NOPE. YOU JUST HAD TO BE HOT.

The winner of this HOT MAMA contest got a day at a local spa, being pampered and primped.

Wow! It's a good thing that the poor beautiful people of the world are finally, FINALLY getting their fair share. They get so little in life.... (~GAG~!)

I hate both of these contests.

Firstly, I think contests like this reward something that is a complete fluke. If these people had different parents or different circumstances, the hotties may have looked completely different.

 Real beauty (hotness) is on the inside.
(That kind of sounds like something only ugly people say to make themselves feel better doesn't it? Well...I'm SAYIN' it so think what you will)

How about rewarding people who have manners?

Help those that are less fortunate?

Teach people how to read?

Take care of the dying?

You know, the things that actually make a difference.

In twenty years, I would much rather hear my son say,

 "My mom left no doubt in my mind that I was loved and cared for every day of my life!"


"My mom was hot!"

That's the REAL way to win the contest of life. Hot or not.


  1. I soooo listen to the KHQ with the hot mom one...I went onto their website and none of those moms were the good looking!!! Send me an email of where you live! We are so close and I should take you up on the lunch offer!!! :)

  2. I am totally with you on this (almost typed 'on you with this' The Hot Mama one is the worst, as you say, being a good mother is infintely more important than being a hot mamma and should be regarded as such. What a waste of a prize that could have gone to a genuinely deserving Mum, not one who was able to win because of chance and genes!

  3. Amen, sister. Like your kids really care about how hot you are... and wouldn't it be embarrassing or weird for them to see you on this website??

  4. Wow! Sounds like there are a lot of hot people in your hometown. Good thing they have all these contests to make sure the hottest ones are rewarded for this. We wouldn't want their non-talent wasted!

  5. Well I don't like to brag but I was in the top 126 shortlist for Mr Scunthorpe Steelworks 1989...

    Hear hear, how I wish these radio stations would use a bit of imagination and inspire people to make things happen in their community!!

  6. Amen sister! Here's something positive we can do. This Friday (Oz Friday) join in on this meme - show your beautiful self without makeup to reinforce the idea that beauty does come from within. See Mummy-Mayhem's blog and link up a post. I'm going to do it!

  7. I agree!! I would rather my kids be loved and cared for then be know the "hot mom"

  8. Damn, I had a clever comment until I read KB's comment and then felt bad.


  9. You are speaking my language. Why is physical beauty revered in our society. My own mother once looked at me in a bathing suit and said, "its a good thing you are smart."

    Oh, and BTW, I also love that chili in a pump, and those hot dogs that roll around on a grill.


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