Dropping Eaves

Overheard at the "everything costs a dollar" store:

Woman 1~ oh my gosh Michelle, look at this! They have pregnancy tests here for a DOLLAR!

Michelle~ these are only a dollar? (peering at the box with great disbelief)

Woman 1 ~ yeah. I'm pretty sure all the stuff in here is a buck.

Michelle ~ Wow. Really? If these are, that's a GOOD deal! I'm gonna stock up. (As she grabs EVERY one on the shelf. I lost count at 23)

Two things.
The ladies apparent confusion about how a DOLLAR STORE actually works, in regards to the pricing of their merchandise.

I mean, it is explained in detail right ON the building.

and 2.
(Now, I'm not accusing this woman of being a tramp. No. I would never. I'm sure that there is some innocent explanation for needing 23+ pregnancy tests. I'm sure of it.)

 Regardless. This would be a conversation for "indoor -whisper-y voices",  not,  "make strangers aware of your town harlot status-screaming across the isle" voices.

Just FYI.

(photo curtesy of google images)


  1. :-) that cracks me up, she really wants to be certain!

    My wife was at the supermarket the other day and noticed an old lady in a motorized Granny scooter struggling. Jo asked her if she needed help and was asked to pass down a tube of Pringles. As Jo passed it she noticed the offer said that you buy one tube and get two free. "Oh that's a good offer" said Jo.

    "I know, it's really good" Said the old lady, just as Jo realized that the lady's basket was overflowing full with ONLY Pringles tubes - tons of them!!

    The lady took the last tube and drove off with out another word - Jo stood and laughed.

    Funny, but not as funny as a basket full of pregnancy tests :-)

  2. HAAA! Glen- She must have been off to get the JOLT cola to go with them.
    The store is THE best place to go for entertainment in my humble opinion!

  3. I imagine if you took 23 $1 pregnancy tests you MIGHT be able to get an accurate result via average.

  4. She might be TTC? Though like someone else said, I wouldn't trust a $1 pregnancy test.

  5. Okay, I'm going to hazard a guess here. If someone is so recklessly active, shall we say, that they need 23 pregnancy tests, I'm betting money she's going to get a positive result before she gets past box #4. Which means the rest will expire before she gets a chance to use them. But hey, she'll only be out $19.

    BTW, that's a might sexy button you have on your sidebar there, girly!! Thanks for the publicity.

  6. Oh my goodness - that is too funny!

  7. WOW!! Skank she is!! :) haha...I love that they walked into a Dollar store with EVERYTHING IS A $1 EVERYWHERE!!! They were something special huh? :)

  8. Wordless Wednesday. hahahaha

  9. 23 tests, well at least she takes a break from bonking one hour a day!

  10. Lol - there are some truly worrying people in this world!

    I would imagine if she can't work out how much merch in a $1 store costs then she'll probably need to take 23 pregnancy tests to get the hang of how they work.

  11. Mwahahahahaha. That is all.

    And ohmygod, you've got the AMB badge up. Huzzah!!!

  12. I had a friend who worked at a dollar store...she was constantly telling people "it's a dollar ma'am/sir"...clearly people can not read...perhaps they should but that in flashing neon on the front of the store.

  13. rofl at your post and all the comments! I have just found you via FlogYoBlog friday :)

    We have "The $2 Shop" here but not everything is $2..it is very confusing :p

  14. Obviously she is a cheap trollop. She should probably stock up on the one dollar condoms so that she can check how well those pregnancy tests work.


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