He makes a good (uncomfortable) point.

My husband and I play this game about once a month where we list the celebrities that we like would like to get 'frisky' with.

I used to think we did this because we are such forward thinking individuals and because we are secure in our relationship. As it turns out, however, we do this because we like to take stock and see just where the other person is currently standing in regards to what we find attractive.

For years, the TOP person on his list has been Scarlett Johansson/Sara Evans. Recently, poor Scarlett/ Sara was ousted by none other than...Megan Fox.

I found this alarming if only because it was completely unoriginal. EVERYONE likes Megan Fox. How cliche'.

And, you should know that we play this game based ONLY on looks. We are not allowed to make decisions based on personality at all. Only looks count. ( I know, kinda goes against the whole inner beauty theme doesn't it?)
 For example, I just tried to take Curtis Stone off my list because I had heard on Twitter that he is a "wanker", "self-centered" , and a "bad person". However, stickler to the rules that he is, my husband reminded me that those types of qualities could not be taken into consideration and that unless I found someone that I found sexier then Curtis Stone to replace him with, he stayed. Which I will, eventually.So, there sits that self centered wanker Curtis until I can come up with someone who is hotter.

Anyway,  I told you that story to tell you this.
My husband pointed out not very long ago that I  have people on my 'get frisky' list, that also happen to be on my 'dad possibilities' list. (A whole seperate blog topic, me not knowing my dad. I am constantly on the search for him and since I was little, I have kept running lists of celebrity possibilities. Seriously. Go here or here to find out more about the search for my dad)

Not just a couple were on both, mind you. Lots. Scary lots.

This is my current " Frisky list"
George Clooney (der)
Steve Martin
Jimmy Buffett
Gerard Butler
His Wanker-ness Curtis Stone
Craig T. Nelson
Tommy Lee Jones
Dennis Quaid
Sam Neil

And this is my current "possible father" list (in a perfect world.)
Steve Martin
Jimmy Buffett
Craig T. Nelson
Tommy Lee Jones
Dennis Quaid
Sam Neil
Terry O' Quinn
Hector Elizondo*
Jimmy Smits*

as you can see, I clearly have some issues. DADDY ISSUES.
Those lists share 6 people!

Well, now you know, dear readers...the truth.So if you will excuse me, I need to cruise the internet in search of someone to replace Curtis Stone with.

It's a tough job but someone has to do it.

Do you have a 'frisky list'?
Feel free to share.

*Hector and Jimmy could technically go onto my frisky list but I think If I told my hubby that he might be weirded out. I might be weirded out.


  1. Hahhah, I love it.

    I do have a "I'd do him in a heartbeat" or a "Wouldn't kick him out of bed for eating crisps" list. Justin North is currently top billing......

  2. Jimmy Buffet and Steve Martin are on your frisky list? Seriously? Wow.

    I've always gone for older men, which has led me to wonder if I have father issues, but honestly I think it's just because I can't stand boyish guys. Either that or I have father issues.

    You know who's on my frisky list if you saw my latest Photoshop effort. Bryan Brown from 20 years ago (current BB is getting a little long in the tooth).

  3. Solid frisky list. And if your Dad was Terry O'Quinn I'd be jealous!

    John Cusack is #1 on my frisky list, but I recently followed him on Twitter. Ugh.
    Otherwise, Nick Hexum (I know, I think we'd make a good couple though), Johnny Depp (though I tower over him), Desmond from 'Lost', Luke Danes (I should get out and about in the real world), and Alexander Skarsgard. I'd climb him like a mountain.

  4. I loved this!!!! LOL..... I have some people listed... but i'll always include Jeff Corwin in both the lists.... ;-P

  5. I just cannot believe that Sara Evans could be replaced by Megan Fox!

  6. LOL, I love it! I'm completely with you on Gerard Butler but would have to include Johnny Depp, Sean Connery (he can just talk to me), Josh Groban and yes I'm going to say it...Billy Bob Thorton...don't ask me why but there is something about that man...
    As always...love your blog Katie!

  7. i would basically hump the entire cast of grey's anatomy. the *entire* cast.

    and i have daddy issues too. when i was a kid i was "in love with" RICK MORANIS and ED O'NEIL!! BAHAHAHAHAHAHA (don't tell anybody)

    also i totally found my dad via the internet almost 2 years ago, and he has the most common name known to man, and i didn't even know his birthday or state of residence. i'm going to go check out the "here" and "here" now

  8. oh, and judging by that list, your mom is my new hero

  9. I totally have a list. I will definitely post a blog about it. I don't know if Tim does...I'll ask!


  10. I kinda want a list now... this will be something to discuss with the hubs tonight!
    And, really? Curtis Stone is a wanker?? :( So crushed right now, I guess he wont be making my list!

  11. Can I tempt you with a Thierry Henry?


    By the way - you have no idea the lengths I have gone through to find that photo for you ..

    Wading through the gratuitous photos of half naked footballers on the post at http://www.francetravelguide.com/sexy-french-footballers.html
    was not my idea of fun - might be up your alley though :-)

  12. @Lucy- The list name has been changed per your list name. "wouldn't kick him out of bed for eating crisps". LOVE LOVE LOVE THAT!

    @Kristin- I know, Jimmy Buffett and Steve Martin. I can't pin down even one reason. They just have always made the list. Also, 20years ago Bryan Brown- Hubba hubba.

    @tootiestamper- Billy Bob Thornton has that certain something...I can't figure it out either. Maybe because he SOUNDS like a southern gentleman but you know there is crazy underneath...?

    @Liz - BEST T-SHIRT SLOGAN COMMENT: Alexander Sarsgard. I'd climb him like a mountain.
    This is why I adore you.

    @Rhonda - I look forward to seeing your list. It's fun!

    @Ratz, OMG! Jeff Corwin could SOOO replace Curtis. Duh. He is completely adorable.

    @Badger- I know. Trust me. I know.

    @litanyofbritt- My mom needed a ciggerette after she read my possible father list. I think she liked...

    @Becky- Now, you can't believe everything you read on twitter, but I bet this is true. Of course, in the name of fairness, I would be totally willing to spend a day (and a night) with Curtis to see if this is true... heh heh

    @Glen- Thank you for that FABULOUS lead. You did not steer me wrong...now I just have to choose. Also, does JO check your history? If she does, you may have some explaining to do.

  13. I'm totally with you on George Clooney Katie, and I'm also a bit partial to Pierce Brosnan and Patrick Dempsey.

  14. Haha, my boyfriend and I totally do this. Only we only have five.


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