International Date Line, you are a worthy adversary.

So, it's Thursday, but you know, Friday- in the land of OZ so you know what that means.
Flog Yo Blog Friday!

I have missed the last couple of FYBF's because...well honestly, because I am easily confused.
And because I do not own my own computer.
I know. No computer. No T.V.  My life is like 1955, except I don't call my husband dear and I don't vacuum in heals.
But I'm on a tight budget, and the really important stuff comes first.
Fishing boat (kidding, hubby. Kidding.)
My 27 cosmetic procedures.
You know what I mean.

Anywhoozies, feel free to join the blog hop.

And I totally pinkie promise to have  a new and exciting blog post up in the next couple of days.
You kids have all been so patient with my lack of blogging lately, but you know, feel free to bang on my doors and tell me that you CAN'T possibly LIVE ANOTHER DAY WITHOUT READING THE PEARLS of wisdom that can be found here. Really. I'm waiting. Anybody? Anybody? Bueller...Bueller?

Thank you Brenda for being our lovely hostess.
Click on number 1 first for all the FYBF guidelines.


  1. I CAN'T possibly LIVE ANOTHER DAY WITHOUT READING THE PEARLS of wisdom that can be found here. Get to it Girl!!!

  2. Barely hanging on (gasp), need... blog... engagement.

    You know, btw, I would rather meet you than half those people you list in your About blurb.

    And yeah, could someone do something about moving the date line? Or maybe squeezing the continents closer together? It's seriously screwing with my online social life.

  3. Bueler, it!

    Yes, my husband looks at me funny when I gleefully announce Thursday evenings that it's FlogYoBlog Friday!

  4. You know I luvs you, right?

    And, I totally need those 27 cosmetic procedures too. Cuz I gotta look like Julia Roberts, yes? Yes?!

  5. you don't vacuum in heels? what is the world coming too - shame on you


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