Practice what you...title your blog...?!?

I've been under the weather. As such, my blogging senses have not been finely tuned as of late.
Normally, my brain processes every minute of every day for blog topic possibility.
For the past week, my brain has not done that. What has happened instead is that my brain tells me that every minute of every day is completely boring and void of anything even remotely worth blogging about.

For Example:
Situation ==>Very elderly woman with purple lipstick completely covering her general mouth area, but none actually on her lips.
 Normal Katie reaction to that situation - HOT DIGGITY DOG! Where's my camera?
Under the Weather Katie reaction - What's for dinner?

Situation ===> Lunch with a friend at a casino buffet. (Which by the way, I believe is the single best place to go for some AMAZING people watching.)
Possible blogworthy item: Seeing a lady dump a plate full of food into a (hopefully) lined purse.
NK reaction - Mashed potatoes into a purse! Yahtzee! Where's my camera?
UWK reaction - What's for dinner?

As you can see, this state of mind wastes perfectly good blogging opportunites ( Um, No Missed opportunities, Kate! Geesh. Practice what you title your blog. Or something like that.), but it does make me realize that when I am under the weather I think alot about dinner.
That said, as much as I would like to blog about that wayward lipstick attempt, or about that incredibly disgusting way to steal food, the wind for those topics has left my sails.
I apologize for any bucket list I may be ruining by not writing about the previous topics. However, if reading about those topics are on your bucket list in the first place, you may want to reevaluate your existence.

Anyway, I am on the road to feeling better so you can be sure that those hard hitting stories will be back soon.
Now, I'm off to find a large purse to line to take on my next topic inspiring trip to the casino buffet, and to figure out what's for dinner.


  1. My MIL gets into a weird food-hoarding frenzy at buffets. Like she will never again have the opportunity to find food again. I will never put my hand inside her purse without cringing.

    And I absolutely want to practice the title of my blog... forever!

  2. Oh lord!! My husband and I always joke about bringing my BIG purse, but I so didn't think people actually did that...I don't think I would of even been able to hold back... :) hahaha...Feel better soon, I miss your posts!!! :) And I am so going out and getting purple lipstick, putting it on and taking a pic :) Just for you!!

  3. I have been feeling this way of late too. Can't seem to find any inspiration anywhere....perhaps it's the cooler weather freezing our Blogging senses? Have a great weekend....look forward to the next installment.

  4. I haven't posted for a few days too. I find it hard to pick a topic. Luckily, yesterday as i was on a bus, seeing the people around me gave me an inspiration to write about something.

  5. you're not alone, I also have some time like this!

  6. Beuller, Bueller...Beuller...

    Hope you feel better soon!

  7. mean, people actually do that? Really? Huh.

    Here's hoping you will feel better, and return to your witty, non-dinner obsessed blogging state!

  8. Hope you're feeling much much better soon Katie, miss you and your posts madly! And I am so dying to know - if you don't have a computer at home where do you do your blogging?

  9. I've just read your comment about the purple lipstick and the picture - do it or I'll stop reading your blog!

  10. OMG!!! And I thought I had lots of stuff in my handbags...

    Hope you're feeling better.

  11. oooooooooooooo I got your button. Very Cool. I want one! Once I figure out how to get my background back it will be the very next thing I do.

  12. What you need is an Esky!

  13. Well, there you go, you found a way to include those opportunities and still be easy on yourself while your not feeling well. Clever, you are. (Did I just sound like Yoda?) Anyway! Love the new design too!

  14. I had a comment all planned out until I saw teacher mommy mention nutella, and did you know that since I am back on the not eating everything in sight diet, all I want to do is eat a JAR of nutella. With a spoon. On the couch. While watching exercise videos. What were we talking about?

  15. Love the new look and I'm with britt on the way to eat nutella. At least that's what I did last week. Is it bad to go through a 750g jar in a week?

  16. surely a large false stomach should do the trick? simply tip the food straight into it - one forkful to mouth the other to the sack! Also it means you look less suspicious when you go back for the eighth plateful because you look like someone who would eat that much!


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