iHappy, a bit late.

It's Monday  Tuesday (and alas, the linky is closed, but that's ok. I'm still happy.) again (uh, just where did the weekend go?) and even though I am sad that it's not a lazy Sunday afternoon, I am glad to post these pictures of things that make me happy.  Thank you Brenda for this wonderful meme.

And NOW I'm also using this post to for FYBF hosted by Lori at RRSAHM because, well, because the play that my son is in this summer is TAKING OVER MY LIFE (help) and I haven't had 3 free minutes to myself to blog. But thats ok, right?  Who wants to read a rushed 3 minute blog post right?


Some things that make me happy...
This picture makes me happy for a couple of reasons. First, because I was at an orchard and I came home with fresh raspberries and black cherries. YAY! Second, I am terrible at taking pictures and couldn't manage to get the sign and my entire face into the photo even though the screen was showing me exactly how the completed picture would look.
Short attention span I guess. I like that about myself.
The upside being that I didn't get my chubby squirrel cheeks in this one, like ...

This is me and my favorite author, Lesley Kagen. Oh and a special guest appearance by  my squirrel cheeks. Dang. That hair do is not face flattering.
This pic still makes me happy though, because I have just talked to (for the second time) one of my favorite authors. I know, right?! 

I like this picture because it's dirty. This was painted in a local businesses window for a recent fair that was going on. 15,000 children probably walked past this. They probably thought, " Oh, how cute! Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck how very wholesome!" (yeah right)
However, it's the parents (well, the ones with their minds in the gutter like me) that had the last laugh.
What in the WORLD is going on with Bugs' crotch area?  He is obviously facing the crowd because he is holding that "salad" sign, so, why is his 'tail' on the front of his body, making it look suspiciously like...like...well, use your imagination. I did. It was not pretty.

And this is me blogging.
Blogging makes me happy.
You'd really think I'd do it more often.


  1. oh hahahaha.... that is seriously something.... I like Bugs Bunny... but what is going on there..... And you look great no matter wat... i liked your hair-do....

  2. It is cold in the window. He has brought his tale round the front to keeps his nuts warm.

  3. Hey, better late than never! Author readings, how fun. I used to go to those (back in the days before kids...).

  4. LoL! Those were fun pictures...loved them. It would be so cool to talk to your favorite author-just once would be good for me!

  5. Look at you and your fave author! You are adorableness!!

    That first pic = LMFAO. I normally cut my head too when I take pics of myself. Hehehe.

  6. You've had a great week - orchards and authors. They would make me happy too.

  7. It makes me happy when you blog too. Bugs Bunny's vagina makes me laugh, but I would feel weird to call it happiness. Also I have an award for you on my blog. Surprised?? HA!

  8. Oh my, Bugs!! Put it away!!!

  9. Great happy pics and raspberries and cherries yuuuummm. It makes me feel just as happy to read your blog as you feel writing it.


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