In which I give some awards

I was recently given THIS bad boy  by Brittainy at Litany of Brittainy.  Btw, if you haven't been there, what in the name of all this is holy are you WAITING for?! The girl has talent. Go see. She's rad. 

That's right folks.


I'm gonna give you a second to just soak that in.
Done soaking?
I know. Impressive, right?!

I believe I was given this award because, well, I'm excellent. At WHAT has yet to be determined but whatever. Details.

The rules of passing this award on are also awesome because there are no rules.
I get to do whatever I want. I'm gonna be real honest here. I like to be the boss so this award is working for me on many different levels.

So, here is what I'm gonna do.
I am going to give this award to a some bloggers that I think are excellent.
Then next week I'm gonna do it again.
Then again. And again. Because I LURVE this award, and because there are are a lot of excellent bloggers out there.
I would like to say that I will do this every Monday or whatever but, I'm not that organized.
Today, the Chupacabra Award for Excellence goes to:

Liz at  It Be Liz for excellence in Tour-guiding and drop dead funny snarkiness.

Glen at Glen's Life for excellence in dreaming up jaw-dropping ways to deal with his obnoxious trainer at the gym.

Barbara at JoBart for excellence in posting incredibly adorable pictures that make me smile. A lot.

Karen at Nerdy Computer Girl in the New Decade for excellence in living life instead of doing the dishes. AND for  giving me comments that make me feel like a total rock star.

And last but certainly not least, to Badger atVienna For Dummies for excellence in spot on commentary on every topic.Seriously. He's good. Also for excellence in agreeing to adopt me.

For those of you that have received this award, do with it what you will. Pass it on, get it silk screened onto a t-shirt, make up some rules or don't. It's up to you. That is the beauty of the Chupacabra.

More to follow next weekish

Oh, and welcome to my new follower!  I was worried that I would return after my little absence to find everyone gone to greener blogging pastures but instead, I find that I have actually GAINED a reader.  YEEHAW!!
Life is good. 


  1. Yay for gaining a reader! Woot!!

    And yay for my award, thank you so much. I will endeavour to post more pics to make you smile (as I've failed dismally this week).

  2. Loving my award - thanks :-)

  3. Thanks so much ... will find some time to post my lovely award when I've done the dishes lol

  4. Congrats on your award!

  5. Ooooh. Congrats!! Most EX-cellent dude!(quick - name that movie. Anyone??)

  6. Thanks for the award! Everything's coming up Liz!

  7. Anyone who sleeps with their trainer just to get them to shut up deserves an award in my book.

    And Badger is adopting you?! Cool! Do you get to sleep with the cats? Will you let me come over and take the Mercedes out for a spin?

  8. Congrats! It is one f-ing awesome award.


Ooh! I love me some comments!

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