In which I ask a favor.

So, a friend of mine (yeah, I met her over the Internet. What of it?? (Remember when people didn't admit that?)) Brittainy of Litany of Brittainy has a very funny post about mommy-hood  that was a top ten finalist in the "Not Mom of the Year" contest hosted by  Life Without Pink and Mommyologist and now its all about getting the votes. (she is currently in the lead. Let's keep her there, Ok?)

I am here today to demand ask you politely to take a minute and vote for Brittainy because I would really like her to win. *eyelash batting*

Her posts are honest and fall-out-of-your-chair-hysterical. I think if she wins this award, her confidence will soar and she will hit it big and write a  bestselling book, which she will dedicate to me with some sort of inside joke about blogging, and hire me to travel the globe with her as her personal assistant/drinking buddy. she will have the blogging "atta-girl" needed to keep churning out the posts that make me laugh like a crazy woman. And I really enjoy laughing like a crazy woman. Yes I do.

So, click on her button there on my sidebar and pay her a visit. You will not be disappointed. Pinkie Promise.
Then, as you begin to think about how awesome I am for pointing you in her direction, go HERE and vote for her. You can vote once a day until the 26th of July.
It's a win/win/win.


  1. HA! You are so awesome. I would totally hire you to be my hair removal nanny/world traveling drinking buddy if I wasn't poor. I'll have to keep rubbing that lantern and hope for the best. Thanks for the shout out!

  2. She is quality - got my vote!!

  3. LoL! What a good friend you are.

  4. Alright goofy britches, have voted. But only because of your big eyes. Oh, and because I like Brittany!


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