It'll be another 10 years to sort this mess out.

 After many, MANY years of pleading, cajoling, threatening, begging, crying, bartering (don't ask) and sometimes trickery-( ie.  me asking as he is falling asleep).  My husband has okay'd the purchase/adoption of a family dog. 

This is the conversation we had about 13 seconds after he'd given in made this decision:

Me: We are definitely getting an Irish Wolfhound!

Him: Um... I was thinking something smaller.

Me: Fine. Great Dane.

Him: *Sigh*


  1. I like your style. :)


  2. Whoo hoo! Congrats on getting the dog!

  3. Hurray! How exciting! It took me about 10 years to convince my husband to get a dog, now we have two!

  4. Awesome!!! Definitely a big dog...little dogs are annoying and yappy.

  5. Women - you are all the same - batter us down with your damned consistency in the nagging department

  6. Congratulations! I've just got myself a new puppy too. :-) It's like having a new baby, isn't it?

  7. @Katie - I know right? I'm pretty excited.

    @oddyoddyo13 Lol. Thanks. It was just a matter of time...

    @Ratz Thank you. Now the search is on.

    @In Real Life - ooh. I never thought of that. I should go with 2 medium dogs instead of one large!

    @Rhonda- The Hubby wants a pug. They are pretty adorable...

    @Glen -well, you know we take classes to learn these things right?

    @Colin Wee - I haven't had a puppy for so long, I have forgotten...


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