Paris in the morning. And not in a good way.

Forgive me.
I'm just gonna rant a bit today.

I wake up this morning and before getting out of bed, I check google news on my phone. (Naturally.) (Yes, I sleep with my phone. Well, technically I sleep ON my phone but that's only because during the night I do a lot of tossing and turning and... wait a minute, you don't actually care about that do you?) 
Aaaanywho- what do I see?

Paris Hilton arrested for possession of cocaine in Las Vegas.

 Read the "Story" at TMZ. (if you give a crap) I linked to TMZ there because the story Google gave me this morning was  a mish-mash of stories about Paris from the last week or so. This one isn't much better.
Aah. Journalism at it's finest.

I HATE this for lots of reasons.

1. We ever cared still care about Paris Hilton?
2. THIS is what counts as breaking news? (and if so, I think we all need to take a serious look at what this world/country/journalism is coming to. I'm looking at you United States as a whole!)
3. Lets just say I did give a whooping funt about Paris Hilton. Wouldn't a more newsworthy headline be: 

Paris Hilton surprisingly NOT in possession of cocaine.

 I mean, maybe it's just me but I just automatically assume she's carrying cocaine at all times. She probably has a nuclear warhead with her at all times. She's an heiress with more money than brains. That's what they DO.
4. Apparently her wrist is getting hungry for some attention. At least the court system will give her a slap on it for this.

Damn you Paris for making me think about you first thing in the morning! She turns my stomach. I almost couldn't eat breakfast.

*google images


  1. Christ almighty, talk about non-news. Incidentally, it's been all over the 24 hour news channel we get here called Sky. I blame Rupert Murdoch for it's lack of news (It's the UK equivalent of Fox. Ireland isn't fancy enough to have it's own 24 hr news channel - yet.)

  2. Give her a break - she is a multi faceted, talented young woman, deep with an intellectual angst about many world issues that you and I could never truly comprehend. When a person is as talented and awe-inspiringly intelligent as Paris, you can forgive them for being a little off the rails.

    She just isn't being challenged enough, and is therefore getting bored.

    Also. she is dirty, and that counts for a lot in my book.

  3. Maybe she should just buy her own network and that way she could write her own headlines.

  4. I was just ranting about this before - That biatch stumbles around all 4 corners of the world, stoned off her tits with a bigger stash than what Courtney Love has ever pushed on a good day ... and she gets away with it. Aaaaaargh!

  5. Oh its international news Katie, made the front page of the online edition of our newspapers here in Oz too.

    It must be dreadful having so much fame(???) and fortune and not doing something freakin useful with it!

  6. Oooh, I LOVE your headline much more. Perfect.


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