Pans of brownies no longer live in fear.

So, I don't want to brag or anything, but I just wanted to let you know that I have lost 2 pounds this past week.
I am pretty proud of myself and things are going well. Normally, by now,  my body has revolted against my trying to be healthy, my willpower has turned to mush and I eat an entire party size bag of peanut m&m's. Oh no friends. Uh uh. Not me.

My son's birthday party is tonight and I have already put a plan into place about how I am going to deal with the cake (small piece, large glass of water before hand), because let's be honest: If I don't, I will scare the little children by first whispering sweet nothings to that frosted yumminess, then embarrass myself by shoving my face directly into it. I can't have that crap ending up on YouTube -you know it would- my nieces and nephews are just waiting for that to happen (shockingly, it hasn't happened before now).

I added a page up top there called "Less Weight = More Kate" ( I know. I am a master of the English language.) I will be posting weekly updates about how my big healthy lifestyle change is going. In case you care. But please care. This blog is keeping me honest.

With any luck, tomorrow afternoon I will NOT be the next YouTube sensation with "Crazy Aunt Katie Murders a Birthday cake".


  1. well done you - keep at it :-) The best things in life are earned the hard way...

    btw yes please :-) and there are two parts to that button - the top bit points to my Home (I don't really know why I put it there) and is the Glen's Life bit, and the bottom "it's good but not as good as..." bit points elsewhere :-)

  2. I would LOOOVE to be in your sunday spotlight! Thank you so much for the sweet comment :)
    I'm grounded at the moment... so I might not be able to be your second. I have NO idea when I'll get ungrounded. :/ But can I let you know when I'm back?

  3. Crazy aunt katie murders a birthday cake--that would be funny to see! Good for you kate.

  4. I have COMPLETE faith that you will not nosedive into the birthday cake....but if you do, please give us a link or something.

    Congratulations on those two pounds! That's fantastic!

  5. I care and will be keeping an eye on you, although my somewhat erratic comment rate may continue for some time. Well done you, and good luck with that cake.

  6. Good for you! Feels good. Keep it up!

  7. Go Katie girl. What a successful week (and I LOVE the less weight = more Kate. Who can go past a simple rhyme for a laugh?).

    Link in with Diminishing Lucy's Fat to Fit blog hop on Thursdays too!

    I'm going back to WW tonight. Wish me luck xx

  8. I like that "less weight = more Kate"! Ha! Very cute. Who wouldn't want more Kate around anyway, right?? So glad you found my blog again! I liked reading your conversation with yourself, too. :) I'm following you back!

  9. "Less Weight = More Kate" I love it!!! Here for you as I embark on my own reduction journey. How boooooring are we? No, Maxabella, no. That's the WRONG ATTITUDE!!! x

  10. Glen- Thank you. And that button? = awesome.

    Teacher Mommy- I know, right? (thanks)

    Lucas- You have got to change that picture. Everytime I see it I think H. is blogging. Not that he couldn't. He could. And he would probably have more readers than me.

    In Real Life- Thank you so much. :)

    Oddyoddyo13- :) yay!! no link available. (thankfully)

    Kristy- It's amazing. Two pounds doesn't sound to me like a lot, but It makes such a difference to my attitude.

    Multiple Mom- Thanks for the tip. Linking up to Lucy next week!

    Barbara- I didn't murder the cake!! (whew.)

    Kelley- nice to see you here! Thanks for the comment

    Maxabella- Oh no, we are not boring. Not us. NEVER. We are awesome. We are smart making a choice to get healthy!

  11. Bleah Briann - you let me know!

  12. Congrats Katie...I am hoping that you motivate me. Especially since I just hate like half a bag of cheetos...I am just priding myself on not eating the WHOLE bag. Baby steps ya know.

  13. Haha, love those alter egos! Totally funny...who isn't bad at telling jokes? (Sometimes it's not the person, it's the joke...)

    Congrats on your first Sunday Spotlight Katie!!!

  14. Good for you!!! I am just a tad jealous...but not enough to give up M&Ms...yet.


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