Sunday Spotlight - Glen

So, I'm pretty excited about this Sunday Spotlight.
Not only is it the first, but one of my favorite bloggers is up.
Honestly, if you're not reading Glen's Life, you are missing out on something very special indeed! Not the least of which is his alter-ego, the often cringe-worthy Breeze Van Santo! (Go look. Trust me.)

I asked Glen some questions so we could get to know him a bit better.   It's so great to get to know the real people behind our favorite blogs!

Take it away Glen...

What is your Name-pseudonym-alias (whatever you feel comfortable sharing)?

Glen when I’m feeling myself, Breeze when I’m feeling someone else.

What is the name of your blog?

  Glen's Life

How Long have you been blogging?

18 months

Tell me about how and why you chose the name of your blog.

I assumed the World would sit up and pay attention once it knew it was about my life – I truly did think that I was that important!

Why do you blog?

Because I love it. At first I actually believed the Google hype that I would make a fortune through advertising, so I figured I could exercise my brain while getting rich. Once that bubble had burst I found that I didn’t want to stop, that I needed it too much. Writing my blog is my “me” thing. Pretty much my whole life is spent being a parent, a husband or an employee, I’d lost somebody – Blogging found him again.

What do you love most about blogging? Pet peeve?

I love the freedom that escaping into your own head provides.I love that when I start to write a moaning piece about something that has annoyed me it almost always makes me think and see the other side of the problem so I cheer up and think it wasn't so bad after all. Writing about the crap things around me has made realise how lucky I actually am, and that is a pretty brilliant feeling.

I hate the silence when you have written a post no one is bothered about, but that you thought was good. I also hate “Nice blog – here is my link” AAGGGHHH!

Any tips or tricks you'd like to share?

Decide what is important to you, readers or followers, and work to that. Stay true to yourself and just write what you actually believe, rather than copying what other people think. If you are not planning on getting a divorce, don’t let your partner read the posts before you publish them, and NEVER look into their eyes when you ask them if they thought your latest post was good, help them out by looking away.

Name a blog or two that you read regularly.

NMO obviously – Butts and Ashes religiously ( ), The Fallen Monkey ( ), Vienna for Dummies ( and JoBart ( ). There are plenty more but I’ve just realised that I’m not talking about me anymore and lost interest…

Tell me something, anything, that I need to know about you as a blogger, as a mother, father, human... whatever you'd like to share.

I am rubbish at telling jokes. I genuinely think I still have a chance of getting together with Sandra Bullock. I can never answer questions about myself seriously. I think this is because I battle against self doubt and a lack of confidence every single day. By diving head first into situations and forcing myself out of my comfort zone, by writing a blog which requires far more self belief than I will ever have, I dodge facing the reality of how irrelevant I might actually be. I also went to the doctors today wearing clear plastic shorts; the doctor informed me that he could clearly see that I am mad. No I’ve got that wrong haven’t I? There were these two nuns with some shower gel, no wait…

Life is too serious not to laugh at it.

Ok, so he may be right about the jokes, but Glen is an incredible writer and absolutely one of my favorites. Show him some love here and go check him out. You will not be disappointed!


  1. Thanks for sharing Katie!! Now i have to check out Blend blog.

  2. Glen- That will be $700 USD. Thanks.

  3. lol! Great spotlight! I'll have to head over and check her out!

    I'm ungrounded! And would love to be in your spotlight whenever you have available space.

    Much Love,
    Bleah Briann

  4. checked out Blend's blog - she rocks! :-D

  5. Love reading Glen's blog as well! I feel better about crap stuff after I write it too.

  6. He is indeed a good writer. I am very fond of Breeze. I think he has a better chance than Glen with Sandra Bullock.

  7. Most people have a better chance with Sandra Bullock than Glen!

  8. Congrats on less weight and Sunday Spotlight, both are truly excellent.


  9. This is awesome! Glen is one of my favorite people. Even if he stalks me religiously. :-)


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