Manners? What's a manners?


I originally posted this early this year. However, I believe that the message is timeless. People need to learn how to be-frickin'-have.

I am aggravated that people don't know how to behave anymore. Here are some examples:

*A customer burped while I was processing her sale. You read that correctly. SHE BURPED. Granted, the burp was bad but add to it that she didn't ask to be excused. She didn't even have the common decency to look even a little bit embarrassed or sorry either. She should have.I would even go as far as saying that seemed a bit proud of the volume and resonance of that particular burp. It was completely trashy.
(I am aware that a burp is a compliment in some areas of the world. This is not one of those areas.)

*People do not know the appropriate time or place to have personal cell phone conversations.
Firstly, just because you can talk to someone when you are in a stall in a public bathroom doesn't mean you should. If you are my friend and call me (or answer a call from me) while you are doing your potty business, I am going to rethink our friendship. Yes- we share things. Bowel/bladder elimination is NOT one of them.
   Secondly, if you are not sure if you should be having a conversation in public ask yourself this: Would I be comfortable saying these things with the aid of a bullhorn in a crowded church or during an assembly at an elementary school? If the answer is no, then your conversation is not suitable for public consumption.

*Over sharing in general.Usually, when I am grocery shopping, I run into someone I have met once or twice in passing or possibly someone I have waited on in the store. I sometimes feel that I must just have a look about me that screams to people,
"STRANGERS?! Please! Come tell me your deepest, darkest secrets. Tell me about your foreclosure - about your athletes foot-about your attempts to cure halitosis (not working btw) - about your messy divorce and the pictures your soon-to-be ex texted to your former nanny - about your kids who got caught doing something dirty on the principals car during lunch. Tell me everything. The fact that I don't know you from Adam means nothing. JUST SHARE!!"
Yes. My face screams all of that. Well, maybe my face and my body language are working together.
Either way, as far as I'm concerned, If they are only a passing acquaintances of mine, they should only be talking to me about the weather. Unless they are going to rave about the snow, and if that's the case, they just need to keep walking.

  Doctor's get paid to listen to health problems, therapists get paid to listen to stories of emotional trauma, and their mother or father is just a phone call away for everything else. I just hope they don't place those calls from the bathroom stall next to mine.
 Do I need to start putting people under citizen's arrest? 'Cuz I will.


  1. Yes, please. It's SO awkward to talk to people in a public bathroom...I'm freaked out by the thought. It happened to me once, and I was like, "Uhh...." Why would you ask a question in there? Can't you say it while we're washing our hands or something?

    Whew. Yeah, you're right. (Haha, the last one I agree to as well. Our neighbor is very nice, but it takes ten minutes to say hi to him at minimum because he feels the need to suck you into a conversation.)

  2. HELLOOOOOOO!!!! lol just stopped by to say... yolla mi amigo. AND... BREAKING NEWS I just put your button on my blog. Why? 'Cause you're awesome, and so am I! *wink* Haha, okay, you caught me... I just chugged a large caffinated beverage... *sssshhh* don't tell anyone.

    Much Love,

  3. Bad manners is my most hated thing. No bloody excuse. Nice manners is a way of showing people you respect them...

  4. I am with you on that, i think that parents are not taking the time to teach there children manners anymore....... when it comes to the bathroom conversations I just keep flushing it drives them nuts....... loved the blog this is my number one pet hate...... in the movies I spend my time telling children it is rude to put their feet on the furniture, to use there cell phones for texting even if it is on silent....... and handing out tissues to people who believe that mucas should go in....... not out.......

  5. Bad manners do not have an excuse... people just don't understand that.... burping seems way better when compared with farting in public!

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