Today I blog from Australia. Kind of.

I've been driving my husband absolutely crazy. (Even more than usual.)
Lori in Australia thinks I'm a awesome.* That's why.
Hey! Don't laugh. I'm serious.
Go see for yourself.
Lori's Blog -Random Ramblings of a Stay at home Mum

*as it turns out, it is quite possible that the Aussie definition of awesome is crazy.
...But in a good way, right? RIGHT?


  1. I think it might be a dialect thing -- you heard wrong. What she actually called you was a "Whore's son" - hey don't shoot the messenger - I didn't call you it - blame Lori! Funny bunch the Australians.

  2. Nice you come here often?? That was a great post babe now its done...I can- I mean you can relax..

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  4. I loved your post at Lori's it was very well written and funny
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  5. Loved your post at RRSAHM! Even more than Arshad did. And I know he thought it was the bomb when he read it on his #mobile.

  6. I am going to go check it out! Congratulations on the apparently very funny guest post! I am not surprised as your comment on my small talk post last week cracked me up! Seriously, it made me laugh out loud... :)


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