I need some help. Shocking. I know.

This picture has nothing to do with this post in any way.

For quite some time now, I have been toying with the idea of a great big blog overhaul. I have been undecided about what to do but with such a small blogging budget ($0.00 to be exact) the choice has been relatively easy. Nothing.


My husband has given me the gift of a new blog design for my coming birthday. How flipping cool is that?! (Thanks Husband that isn't reading this.)

So, here I sit. In a quandary.
Do I just redesign NMO


 start from scratch with the new blog of my dreams?

While No Missed Opportunities is a good name (and a pretty good way to live life), I don't know that it represents my personality and what I hope to accomplish with this blog (which is different now that my blog has evolved a bit.)

So, what I need are your professional opinions.

Which route should I go?

What advice do you have?

Have you overhauled your blog?
What are the pros and cons that I may not be thinking of?

I am even open to hearing new title suggestions.

The following have already been suggested:

The dork's blog.


This is my blog title.

Indiana Jones.

Katie always late-y

What's a blog?

I'm Hungry

Writing I don't HAVE to do but I do anyway

Thank you to my family members who gave those fascinating though not very helpful suggestions.

                                                                                                                     Can you do better for me?

I do have an idea for a name but we shall see.

Thank you in advance because I know I am going to get a hundred helpful comments on this post.**hint 


  1. I am a broke when it comes to my blog. All the designing, everything, I did it on my own. Well, if you start a new blog, you will have the opportunity to hit all the landmarks again. Maybe new followers, new ideas... I am not sure about the concept though. Sorry. I will still be following you anyway... so...

  2. Why can't you buy the domain name ($10/year!) and then update the blog template with a redesign? Easy like Sunday morning! I'm going to do this when I come into some spare money. Or any money, really.

  3. I'm actually looking for free templates at the moment too. No idea what I'm going to do with it. I would think just overhaul this one since it would be easier. :)

    As for a name, no idea, lol.

  4. I know a blogger who does amazing blog designs for about 20$. Here's her link:
    I think NMO is a good name for your blog! But This IS my Blog Title is pretty cute. :)

  5. Sounds exciting!

    I like your current name, No Missed Opportunities, but how about, Katie's Awesome Blog?

  6. I like the current title. I am too lazy to overhaul my blog, so if you go for it, big props to you. I will follow you regardless. But I think you should just re-design or rather pay someone to re-design this blog. You can still evolve it to the "blog of your dreams".

  7. I love your blog and don't think you need to make any changes! But change can be good now and again.

    Sorry, no suggestions. I voted in the sidebar though. Just because I could.

  8. I have been in the same phase,only trying to figure out where I am going with my blog..I like your design but I guess a change would do good too..I love your blog title it's unique..what I believe is you can redesign this blog,redefine it,because it still shows some part of you and if you work and do the changes it will totally speak YOU!!1
    so go ahead change blog design,maybe some features,maybe even the posts..but the name is quiet unique and so is your writing.
    Take care

  9. I kinda like the dork one. Get in touch with the dork side, katie.

  10. I was a teenage bra-fitter ...

    Ah well, you wanted a 'professional' opinion - I'm not qualified to give that! As a fellow-budget-of-only-$0-blogger, I say stick with the cheap freebies that google so kindly provide (and use the $ for shoes or something)! But if you must meddle, don't lose the unique voice that keep those of us who visit you coming back!!

    Sorry - that probably wasn't very helpful!!

  11. Sorry, I had something intelligent to say and then I saw Glen's comment and I'm still laughing too hard.

  12. As far as names go, I got nothin'. HOWEVER, I do have advice if you're interested. My blog wasn't always Mommy Boots; it used to be called Hope Springs Eternal. I went insane and switched from Blogger to WordPress and at the same time I completely changed the name and the design of my blog. Ta da! If you are interested in how the transition went, any words of wisdom, etc feel free to email me and we'll chat.

  13. T-BONES & TACOS....

    Sorry I am hungry and can't decide what I want to eat.

  14. I have to admit, I cracked a smile at "This Is My Blog Title". Couldn't help it. :)

  15. I voted for This IS...and noticed it's in the lead! I love it when I'm trendy!

  16. Everyone but Glen, Thank you for your comments and advice. I think I have decided to keep NMO and just update the look.

    Glen. Yeah yeah. I know.. {ashamed}
    Believe it or not, I'm still working on it.
    Seriously,I though I would just upload the video like I do with pictures.
    Not so much.

  17. I just renamed mine, but kept the same url. But it's so unfortunate. "Operating on Random?" What was I thinking? You should get to have the blog for a month before you have to commit to a url. I had never even read a blog and had no ideas to rip off at all yet. Unfair.


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