A day in the life...

Alternative title:  Guess who found the collage maker on Photobucket?!

My days look a lot like this:

Dear Summer, come back soon.
 Please? Pretty please?

What about Friday, Saturday, and Sunday? More of the same. All pictures are interchangeable.
Also, I spend a lot of time in my minivan by the looks of things. Jealous much?

Thankfully, this guy knows just how to cheer me up.
We've certainly had some funny conversations.
Like the one we had about my MOMSTACHE  or this one about Gray hair or this one, about How horses communicate.

As if that weren't enough, look at that face:

 I wonder where he gets it?

Then there are these moments.


The shirt fits him fine. He was just bored and wanted his picture taken.

Then there's this little fur ball.
I love her every single moment of every day and can't imagine not having a dog.

Except when she poos on the floor.
Then I'd like to sell her to the Gypsy's.

For real. Are there still Gypsy's? Where can I find them? Are they on Twitter?


  1. collage. I had not yet discovered that!

  2. As much a as I respect your commitment to you blog, I can't help thinking that you would be better off concentrating on driving in those treacherous conditions, than taking photos...

    cute kid - cute dog

    Oh and Gypsies are alive and well - I don't know if you can watch these 4OD films in America - BUT YOU NEED TO WATCH THIS... Big fat Gypsy wedding - it's a Documentary series in the UK - if you cannot see it online - ORDER THE DVD OFF AMAZON WHEN IT COMES OUT!

    You will not regret it


  3. I feel for you Katie I really do, so I won't mention it's going to be 28 C here in Melbourne today. Doh I wasn't gonna mention it.

    Very cute kid and doggie. You're lucky they want photos taken my daughter hates getting her picture taken (she's like her mum).

  4. @Nerdy...good thing you put that in Celsius because we hate math over here and I hate conversions even more!

    your days look like mine although you can't tell how cold it is here because there is no ice or snow, it's just 17 degrees for no reason. Not even snowmen.

  5. OMG, I adore your little dog! Soooooooo cute!

    We had snow like that earlier this winter. We got a few flakes earlier today but it didn't stick. Can't say I'm disappointed!

  6. Yes, my days look pretty much the same! I am trying hard not to hate winter, cause there is sooooo much of it left yet!

    Funny photos of your son! OMG your little dog is so sweet!

    Super-great collages! :)

  7. Haha! Just wait 'til your little munchkin becomes an adult and STILL does that trick with the T-shirt. Just like my partner!!!

    And I suspect you'll more likely find the Gypsies on eBay ...

  8. Don't tell your kid about selling the dog to gypsies, he'll freak out. More than usual.

  9. Your son's different faces are AWESOME!!! Hahaha!!! What a funny little dude (just like his mom!). That snow business... I know nothing about that snow business. I'll take pictures of Texas in the summer of everybody melting and stumbling around from heat exhaustion and post pictures of those. :)

  10. Kelley- My family members that live in Texas and don't have to deal with it think its fun and whimsical. Cant wait to see your summer pics.

    Luke-bahaaaaa you act like you know the kid or something. ;)

    Red Nomad- Looks like YOU need to do a photo collage too!

    In Real Life- There is SOOOO much of it left. Ugh.

    Sprinkles- We get more than our fair share. I would be MORE than happy to send some your way. :)

    Ugh. Cold for no reason. Bummer. What is the weather like in OK in the winter? Just cold? Or is it usually snowy?

    Karen- I want to move somewhere that it's warm all year long. Seasons are SOoOo overrated.
    ANd the boy is addicted to having his pic taken. Probably my fault.

    Glen- Yep. Gonna order that. THANK YOU in advance. I know you wouldnt steer me the wrong way.

    Kristin- Oh, it's super funsicles! TRY!

  11. Those faces are great, and that is a whole lotta snow!!!


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