Bit by bit, NMO is becoming more and more what I want it to be.  (A trillion dollar empire) Aesthetically, anyway.

If you would kindly direct your eyes to the address window up there, you will see the completed step 249 in that process (ok, it might not be there yet, but google/blogger promises it will be, soon.) I dropped the  like a hot potato

and have a shiny new dot com address. You need to know that the minute Google took my $10 I loudly shouted:

  Forcing looks of disapproval from both my husband and my brother who were trying to watch a MOVIE ifyoudon'tmindthankyouverymuch.

If I was not so obsessed with personalizing everything, life would be much easier. I blame my 1st grade teacher. She handed us blank folders and markers on the first day of school and told us to make them our own.

One minute, you're drawing flowers and rainbows on your first grade folder and the next you find yourself wearing a jewellery loupe, tweezers in hand, gluing tiny rhinestones to your cell phone one by one.
I didn't say it looked good.
*ahem* I hear.

This blog needs some hand glued rhinestones, darnit!!

Yes, blogging is supposed to be about the writing and all that, but a nice presentation never killed anyone. Am I right? 

Anywaaaaaaaay,  I guess I said all of that to let you know that changes, they are a comin'!
I'm pretty excited.

WE DID IT!!! Right, Liz?

also, I have NO idea what is going on with my comments. Are any of you getting responses? Bear with me. I'm a techno savvy work in progress.

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