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Hello there.
My name is Katie, and I am the (sporadic) writer of this blog.  I haven't been here for a long long while.

I'm gonna hit you with a little honesty here: after being gone for much too long, I was scared to come back.

I was afraid I would return to NMO to find that all of my followers had moved on to greener (and funnier) pastures, and it would be just me and that lady with her foot up in the corner there.

"Gina,(that's what I call foot-up girl) where did they all go?" I would ask, my voice echoing through the desolation of my once flourishing blog space.
"Uh, they left... You stopped delivering the goods, lady!" she would answer while stomping off. "Hold up your own header, you big deserter!"

Yep. Kind of like way I feel when my Grandma calls me and I don't return the call for days because I am to busy sleeping or eating or breathing, and it gets to be a month later and I remember that I STILL haven't returned her call, and figure at this point, calling her back would just be silly because it's been too long and she had probably stopped waiting for my call weeks ago.
Like that.
You know what I mean?

So, imagine my complete and total happiness when I got here and found that I had only lost 1 follower.
I would rather have lost none, but one is better than 130, am I right? Yes I am.
 Bless all 129 of your pea-pickin' hearts for sticking with me. If it weren't for you, what is the point of me being here? Thank you for giving me a purpose.

My absence  is not a sign that nothing blogworthy has been happening at Chez Opportunity. The opposite is true.
Oh my.

For example:

I started going to Aquafit classes. Not just that but- I actually LIKE water aerobics in spite of the fact that I am exercising for an entire hour while there.
You may know from reading here, or from looking at my picture that I DESPISE exercising.
 Hate. Hate. Hate.
But guess what folks? I love me some Aquafit.
Love. Love. Love.
If Aquafit were a person, I would leave my husband, elope with Aquafit and start a new life in Montana with it. Have a house full of watery little Aquafit babies...
I love it that much.

I am pretty sure it has nothing* to do with the fact that I get one whole hour of uninterrupted [except when the teacher is talking. Bothersome!] adult conversation  with people that are not 7 years old and the fruit of my loins.

It also has nothing to do with the "ladies nights" that accompany the classes more often than not.
Yay exercise!**

I would like to tell you more, but I have some blogs to read that I have been neglecting.
I shall return. And soon.
Pinkie swear.

*obviously it has EVERYTHING TO DO WITH IT.

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