Stupid Things I've Heard At Work Part 1

I work at a store that sells items for teachers. We have books, classroom decoratives, toys, games, pencils, etc.
The name of the store is basically - Tools For Teaching.

This is a REAL call  that I received recently.


Tools for Teaching. This is Katie. How can I help you?

Uh. Hi. This is John. Do you guys have Teacher’s supplies?

We sure do John.

Like…right there in the store?

Yes sir. Right here in the store.

That I can come in and look at?

Of course. The store is full of all kinds of teachers supplies.

And you have them right there? In the store?

Sure do. Are you looking for something specific that I can help you find?

Not really. I just need some stuff.

(I look around, searching for a hidden camera or someone on a cell phone, pranking me.)Well, we have lots of stuff.

Are you open?

Currently, yes.

Are you open later?

Until 6.

What about in August? Will you be open in August?


And you have teachers supplies IN the store? (still doubtful that I'm telling the truth)


Ok. See you in August before 6.

Oh..kay. See you in Aug-


This conversation got me thinking about all the stupid things I have heard while at work.
There have been some doozies.  I realized that I have so many stories like this, that I could make a 5 million part series.

What are some stupid things that YOU hear at work?


  1. I'm saving them up for a book. Have you ever checking out the website ? I think you should submit your story to them...

  2. @Teacher Mommy- I will be buying THAT book for sure!! :)

  3. Oh when I worked I heard so many. But I've forgotten them all. Does your store have a website Katie?

    Oh yeah, this is Rhonda from, I totally would not comment on your blog as anonymous except for the fact that Blogger refuses to let me comment from my google account on certain blogs or even use the name/url combo. Yay Blogger. Way to go.

  4. Maybe he is trying to buy a teacher ready for September, and he has completely misunderstood what you do there.
    I'm certainly hoping he isn't a teacher.

    the funniets call I think I ever had was from an old lady who rang.
    up to complain her special flashing light wasn't working.
    The one that flashes when the phone rings.
    The one that flashes when the phone rings so she knows it is ringing, because otherwise she wouldn't.
    Because she was deaf.
    Somehow I had to use mime down the phone
    line to explain to a deaf old lady how to connect her flashing light back into the phone.

    I've rarely enjoyed myself more.

  5. My favorite is when a female calls in to ask me a question about her lawnmower and asks me to speak to a man because she feels they know more. I mean really as if being in a male dominated industry isn't bad enough, but for another female to do it, drives me nuts!

  6. I work in a newsroom at a newspaper and we here some of the craziest things... many of which come from our employees. In fact, there is a website dedicated to the things heard in newsrooms... you can check it out here:

  7. What a fricken weirdo!! :)

  8. I hope he doesn't teach comprehension!

    And what is with google ID let me in to comment grrrrrrrrrrr

  9. Well, I don't work currently but I used to work in a call center and could tell you stories for DAYS about some of the calls we got!

  10. Haha! That's hilarious!! But you don't need to go to work for phone entertainment. My favourite home callers are wrong numbers who can't believe they've called a wrong number - which makes it YOUR fault, right? If you insist you a) know where you live; b) know who lives in the house with you and c) have had this number for 10+ years they virtually call you a liar! I even had one old bloke ask me if I could find the number he was after - I guess to 'prove' I was right about him having called the wrong one!Why don't I just hang up? it's TOO FUNNY!!!

    Can't wait to hear what happens in August!!!

  11. Hey, in that store of you have Genre's of books?? ;)


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