We have nothing to fear, but fear itself...and long division...

Someone close to me, who shall remain nameless, though his name rhymes with BY MUSBAND, pointed out the other day that I have a lot of strange phobias.

I, of course, denied it and accused him of not being open minded enough to consider my phobias normal. But he is right. I do have some strange fears.
So, in case you ever need to get revenge on me for something, here are some routes to pursue directly from the horses mouth.

Katie's Top 10 Weird Fears

1. Horses teeth. Too big. Very scary.

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2. Costumed, big headed mascots. [No I DO NOT  want my picture taken with you! *shudder*]

3. Dying, then having someone hack into this blog and then write posts badly...or worse, write posts better.

4. Dropping my keys into sewer grates, garbage cans, bodies of water, and any and all other precipice type places that it would be embarrassing to try to retrieve them.

5. Meeting George W. Bush. Ever.

6. Winning the lottery and losing the ticket.

7. Finding my dad and learning that he is a mass murderer or a puppy puncher or something.

8. Long division.

9. Parallel parking. [will walk 10 extra blocks to be able to park easily]

10. Writers block [which is responsible for today's post. My sincerest apologies.]

So tell me, what crazy things are you afraid of?


  1. Horses mouths are not designed to be liked.

    I have a mortal fear of being heard *wiping* after seated toilet activities - eeeuukk shudder

  2. I hate to coat-tail Glen there but I have a fear of someone walking in to the bathroom at work while I'm pooping. :-)

    Oh, and demonic possession.

    While I'm pooping.


  3. OMG, I am sooooooooooooooo not a math person!!!!! I am so freaked out that I have to take Elementary Algebra next semester. And the worst part? I still have to take at LEAST two other math classes in order to graduate in any one major. Eeeeeeeeeeek!

    My parents have a porch that that used to fit right up against their house. Time passed and now there's a little gap betwen them which no one has ever bothered to fix. The gap has been there way longer now than it has not. When I lived there, I used to always worry I'd drop my car keys between that gap. I don't remember if I ever did or not but once I fell through that gap. It's a tiny gaposis so I have no idea how I ever did and it's probably something only 'I' could ever do. Let me tell ya, that was one hell of a painful fall! Actually, I didn't completely fall - only one thigh did. But even so... very, very, very painful falling through and trying to pull myself out.

    I'm also afraid of large bodies of water.

  4. I am afraid of people knowing I am eating. And being seen buying toilet paper. I see nothing but judging stares when I buy the huge multipacks that are so often on special here.

  5. I think your fears are pretty rational actually.

  6. Barbara - thank you. That's why I like you so much!

    Lady Fabulous- I don't eat in the car because I hate for strangers to see me on the road. I imagine that they're thinking "Look at that fat lady! She can't even wait to sit down at a table to eat! Ew." That is a horrifying thought. And the toilet paper, I make my husband buy it.

    Sprinkles- I am sorry you fell into that crack. They should really get that fixed!

    Pearl- OMG! You POOP at WORK?? Brave girl.

    Glen- I say, better than having someone catch you NOT wiping, right?!

  7. And now, Glen's comment has cracked me up over here! About the strawberries - we planted them last year. It's not too late to plant them this year yet. Thing is, you won't get strawberries until next year, but the plants are hardy and attractive and they spread along the ground and make great ground cover while you wait to reap your reward.

  8. I have a fear of ever having to live with my mother or father for more than a day again. I'm sure my daughter will feel the same way about me someday too :-)

    Oh why oh why won't google recognise my profile sheeesh.


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