Little Miss Lazy Pants decides to blog.

*Deep Breath*

So, you know how when you're a blogger and you blog regularly and you have semi-consistant dialog back and forth with fabulous people via comments and such and then you stop blogging and then can't find the energy or motivation to restart but you really miss the connections that blogging brings you so you get all frustrated with yourself for being too lazy to even move your fingers across a keyboard and you eat a gallon a pint of ice cream and then your stomach aches and your conscience doesn't feel all that well either and you have no one to blame but yourself?


You do?

Yep. That's pretty much my story too.

I am TOTALLY out of blogging shape. 
My next post will be better.
Baby steps.


  1. Pretty much. Except people don't comment. Instead, I make up those conversations in my head. My blogging friends are awesome.

  2. You can do it! Keep on posting. It will be like riding a bike.

  3. Yep! I know that feeling! :)

  4. One spoon of ice cream reward for every 50 words written - simple rule of thumb that i try and go by. This should help you out a bit.

    Oh and by spoon I mean a normal spoon - not a serving spoon, or a ladle, or bucket tied to a broom handle, to crudly look like a spoon.

    There's a blog post in that actually - you can have that one for free :-)

    Glad you are back - I was getting dangerously close to being forced to remove you from my reading list... which would have upset me

  5. i have missed you sister from another mister...

  6. A lot of people make conversation via blog, with great people sometimes, but with bad people too. Nice post, best regards !

  7. Haha! Icecream amounts sound better in the metric system - a litre sounds better than a pint, for example, but it's twice as much! But a bucket sounds piggy in ANY language ...

  8. Ahhh so glad you are back I have missed your funniness (it is a word really). And I have been so active on my own blog that it's taken me a week to even realise you had posted, sorry :-)

    Anyway look forward to the next post where you can tell us how much ou have enjoyed no snow (it's been summer right?)

  9. So glad it's not just me.

  10. Popping over to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving!

    Hope you blog again.


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