Even Miss Manners couldn't refrain from Ninja kicking you for this.

While doing my regular blog reading, I came across something that inspired me to write a little about peoples manners-or lack of.  (Thank you, Rhonda!)  Read it here.

I am aggrivated that people don't know how to behave anymore. Here are just 2 examples to prove my point:

*A customer burped while I was checking her out at the counter of the store that I work. She BURPED. Granted, the burp was bad but add to it that she didn't ask to be excused. She didn't even have the common decency to look even a little bit embarassed or sorry either. She should have. That was completely trashy. 
(I am aware that a burp is a compliment in some areas of the world. This is not one of those areas.)

*As Rhonda mentioned in her blog entry- People do not know the appropriate time or place to have personal cell phone conversations.

 Firstly, just because you can talk to someone when you are in a stall in a public bathroom doesn't mean you should.  If you are my friend and call me (or answer a call from me) while you are doing your potty business, I am going to rethink our friendship. Yes- we share things. Bowel/bladder elimination is NOT one of them.
Secondly, if you are not sure if you should be having a conversation in public ask yourself this: Would I be comfortable saying these things with the aid of a bullhorn in a crowded church or during an assembly at an elementary school?  If the answer is no, then your conversation is not suitable for public comsumption.

Do I need to start putting people under citizen's arrest?  'Cuz I will.


  1. Am with you Katie. Some people are just so darn inconsiderate.

    And my pet hate, people who blow their noses...freestyle. Makes me want to strangle them. Argh!!!!

  2. My pet hate, people at work who answer their mobile phone when with you and then proceed to have a 10 minute conversation while you sit around waiting. Either tell the other person you'll ring back or tell me you have to take it and will get back to me and let me do something useful in the meantime.

  3. Brenda- freestyle nose blowing. Sounds like a very disgusting olympic event. Gross.

  4. Karen- I agree. I hate when people waste my time by making me wait for them to finish their conversation. I think when this happens we are legally obligated to poke them in the eye. Yeah. I am pretty sure that's the law.

  5. OH! I should tell you all about this "person" I know who does this "thing" while I talk to's not exactly a freestyle nose blow but this rather odd tissue thing where she sort of rams the tissue up her nose and cleans it out. This is at work. I can't help but stare and wonder "is she really doing this whilst I am conversating with her?" At work no less?

  6. Rhonda. This is completely hilarious. I am pretty sure that I would change my mind if I actually had to see it. What're people thinking?

  7. The other day I was treated to a walkie talkie conversation in the stall next to me, allowing me to hear both sides of a rather boring, yet loud, exchange. That was a first.


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