I've been tagged. Now I'm hungry.

The ever hilarious Brenda at one of my fave-o-rite morning blog reading stops tagged lil ol' me.

The first tag was for a list of  10 things that make me happy.
The second was for a list of things that I just don't have the guts to do.

With no further ado we will commence with the 10 things that make me happy:
  1. This child  who I thought I would never have but there he is. He's smart and kind and sensitive and insightful and funny.  This is the face he makes when I ask him to be serious. 
  2. When my husband does something unexpected-like sends me flowers on a day that is NOT my birthday or Mother's day. Or brings home my favorite magazine. Ah, the little things.
  3. Chocolate covered potato chips and pumpkin pie. Even though the indulgence in  these very foods are the reasons I have to buy parachute undies
  4. When traveling- seeing animals that aren't native to Northern Michigan. I have seen more deer and elk  and bear than I can shake a stick at. Boring.  I loved seeing dolphins in Florida,  and buffalo in South Dakota,  I would love to see parrots free flying or giraffes that are not in a zoo. Oh, and Moose. I want to see a moose in the wild.  That would make he super happy!
  5. Compliments on my son's behavior.
  6. My grandparents still loving and romantic 60 year marriage.
  7. Summertime weather. All three days we get of it.
  8. Baby animals. I am such a sucker for little furry faces!
  9. When my teenage nieces think they have 'found' some type of music that they are going to "introduce me to" (such as Michael Mackson) and I can show them proof (photo's of me as a kid in my MJ shirt,  glittery glove, and red zipper jacket) that I loved him before they were even born. Score one for Aunt Katie. It's good to know I'm not a total square.
  10.  Getting comments on my posts and followers for my blog.  There is no better feeling than recognition for something you care so much about. I have always dreamed of being an author with scads of adoring fans- but even if this never happens, it's a big boost to the ego to know that my words are being read. 

This is where I was going to start my list of things I don't have the guts to do. Instead I am going to get some chocolate covered potato chips. The shop that sells these is just 223 steps away.  Yes, I've counted.
(446 steps and an 8 oz. bag of chocolate 'tato chips later)
Things I do not have the guts to do.  (I will not get wordy, I promise)
  1. Sing Karaoke. (You can thank me later)
  2. Hold a mouse. Or a rat. Or a Snake. Even baby ones.
  3. Get a shot. I am a total baby. They know me at the local hospital. My nickname is 'total baby'. Not a lie.
  4. Watch gory movies. I can not stand watching people have their (gag) skin...(retch)....cut....(blech). I am totally dry heavin' just thinking about it!
  5. Get a tattoo. I have made poor decisions in my life. Thankfully they weren't permanently stamped on my body like this one would be. Also- needles. No.
  6. Get on an airplane. My last flight home from Las Vegas has totally killed flying for me. Can't bring myself to do it again.
  7. Let my son ride the public school bus.
  8. Tell my neighbor I am tired of having to hear her have sex with her newest flavor of the day. (Although it needs to be done. I dont need my six year old hearing that crap)
  9. Go to my 15 year class reunion without losing at least 10 lbs.
  10. Curb my handbag shopping. Can't do it. Don't want to do it. Not going to try.
If you are reading this- consider yourself tagged. (Don't worry mom. I will explain it all later.)


  1. Aww. Love your Happy List. Especially your #1. Your son is hilarious. And that expression, how can one possibly stay mad?; )

    I'm with you on the rats and snakes. Nothankyoutoo!

    ...and ooh, thanks for playing along luvie. Tinkerbell sends her warmest XOX's. Hehe.

  2. I love these lists! Hehe.. his serious face makes me giggle!!
    Chocolate covered potato chips & pumpkin pie.. Actually dribbling at the thought! Mmmm.. :)

  3. Why would anyone stop buying handbags? Ever?

  4. Brenda, Emma& Rhonda,
    Thank you for your comments. I really should send all of you some chocolate covered potato chips! And Rhonda. You are right. WHY stop buying handbags? They are the only things I buy that I don't have to be embarrassed about what size I'm buying!


Ooh! I love me some comments!

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