Katie- by the numbers

This is for my husband who makes fun of my lack of math skills. Here's counting. Take that!

3- times a day I actually check Facebook to see what life shattering status updates I am missing.

541+ - times a day I think about checking Facebook to see what life shattering status updates I am missing. (I refrain, but just barely.)

7-days per week that I say to myself first thing in the morning, "Today I start my diet" but know in my heart that today will NOT be the day.

7- days per week that I drink Coke and/or eat somthing made by Little Debbie for breakfast. (see previous list item- its a  delicious vicious circle)

7- times per week I tell my son to please, please, please stop leaving his dirty underwear on the living room floor after he gets dressed in the morning.

1- time a day that I have an amazing topic idea for this very blog.

1- time a day that I forget what my amazing blog topic was going to be and settle for something that probably puts people to sleep. Oh, and screams NOVICE BLOGGER! NOVICE BLOGGER!

1- time per week that I pick something off the floor, brush it off and eat it. (I know, I know.)

17- times per week that I tell my son not to eat things off the floor. (I know, I know.)

21- Times per day that I think I should audition for American Idol.

5- minimun days of vacation that I wish I could go on. All. By. Myself.

100 - times a day  I am almost positive that winning the lottery would make me happier.

1- time a day that I know deep down that I already AM happy without winning the lottery. (But I would be willing the test that theory.)

1 - Time 'the Man' my boss has told me to get back to work while writing this entry. (fine- but she'll be sorry when I win the lottery.)


  1. Hahaha. Brilliant list Katie!

    ...eleventy billion times. The number of times I check my inbox to find out if I've got new comments on my blog. I'm not a sad creature. Really I'm not. Cough, cough.

  2. I love that list! I'm also bad at math..horrible in fact. I wish I had the self control to NOT check facebook that often!


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