It all started when I got out of bed

A short Tragedy/Comedy based on a true story:

Me: (making a very dramatic exit from the bathroom)  Gray. HAIR. Four of them. Can you BELIEVE IT???

Husband: (rolling eyes) Gee dear. (quite sarcastically) I am sorry to hear that. There were only four. That's a positive huh?

Me: (Processing the total cost of a divorce from this man)  Are you KIDDING ME?  ONLY four? What is wrong with you? I'm 30! I wasn't planning on getting gray hair until I had at least 7 grandchildren!

Husband: (rolling eyes as he leaves room) I just remembered I have to call that guy about that thing...

6 year old son :  Let me see your gray hairs mommy.  Where are they?

Me: On the bathroom counter. You can't miss them. They're not just gray. They're NEON gray!

6 year old son: (hollering from the bathroom) Mommy don't be sad!  These hairs aren't gray....They're white!

Awesome. Even better.

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  1. I just laughed my arse off. I found 6 grays, nay, whites, the other day and plucked each and every one of them out. Then called my husband, my sister, and my Mom to regale them with the horror. I feel your pain.


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