I need help. Story of my life.

Would anyone like to weigh in on their opinion of WORDPRESS vs. BLOGGER (and by all means, any other blogging sites)  I've noticed that finding the people who find and comment on my blog is getting increasingly harder to do.
I am thinking about making a switch but would like to hear what you guys think...
I am in NO way a technological person and need something very easy and user friendly. I would love to be able to keep blogging but need some better/easier features. Ack. Please help!


  1. I've tried both blogger and wordpress. Wordpress has better options for layouts but to me, blogger was easier because I have a gmail account and it signed me in automatically (if I had gmail open, which I always do.) If you do decide to switch, wordpress will import all your old blog entries onto their servers so it would be pretty easy! Good luck!

  2. I haven't found anything I want to do and cannot with blogspot - and as Liz said - it's handy if you also use Gmail. Really - I don't think it matters much!

  3. I have thought about switching to Wordpress primarily because of the comment issue (doesn't capture emails/websites -- annoying). I can't comment back except on my blog, which I don't always wish to do. I've just started playing around with it. I would suggest you open up a blog on Wordpress (that you don't advertise) and experiment with it.

    I've heard the tranisiton is pretty painless except, lo, it wouldn't migrate my flags!

  4. I've thought about changing too....I just don't know yet. I'm lazy about it.

  5. Blogger has been good to me. I get about 90% of my traffic from them. So I am a blogger girl through and through. The only thing I hate about it is the sucky commenting system. It's not as good as WP. I agree with KBX, open up a WP blog and see how you go. Good luck!

  6. I'm on wordpress and like it. I'm considering going self-hosting but only for an experiment, not because I'm fed up with wordpress.

    Come, join me on the darkside!

  7. Thank you guys for your help. I am going to stay put for now but try a different blog on wordpress. Great idea!


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