In honor of my friend Jen

My friend Jenny was amazing.

She was everything I wanted to be. Beautiful. Smart. Funny. Brave.Tough. Assertive but somehow quiet too.
Also, I loved her truck. She drove a kick ass truck. She was a total bad ass.

 She grew up in a small town but wanted to escape and find her big adventure.

I have great memories of my time with Jenny. We worked together by day at JCPenney, and at night Jenny, another girl and I would drive around, go swimming and go to parties (to get them STARTED- because they did when she got there).
 One summer, in the drive thru at Arby's she said to the guy at the window,
 Would you give us a shit-ton of Arby's sauce please? We never get as many as we need.
Window guy says,
Just exactly how much is a 'shit-ton'?  (here he actually air quoted the word shit-ton)
Without missing a beat Jenny replied,
41. A shit-ton is 41.
Had she not been beautiful  and completely serious, I am positive that we would have driven away with three.  The guy actually counted out 41 packets. To this day, if someone asks me for a shit-ton of something, they get 41.  Sometimes I am sad that this is one of my best memories of Jenny. I wish we could have made more.

Another time, while doing the dreaded inventory at JCPenney, Jenny got the job of counting underwear. I was counting purses nearby (lucky). I hear her squeal in delight. All excited she says,
Oh my gosh!! I didn't know we carried Calvin Klein! I LOVE Calvin Klein! When did we start carrying Calvin Klein? (the whole time thoroughly fondling this pair of undies like you would any newly discovered treasure)
To which I replied,
Turns out someone had stolen our undies and replaced them on the hanger with theirs.
I have never seen a pair of undies fly so far so fast in my life. She was never made to do inventory in the women's department again.

Once I made out with a guy I know she liked and bragged to her about it later. I didn't even really like this person but I was being catty because she always got the attention. I wish I could take that back. If she were alive today I would offer to let her make out with my husband so we could call it even.

But she's not.
She was a wonderful daughter, sister, and an amazing friend.
I am lucky I got to know her.

She did get out of that small town she grew up in. She did find her great adventure-and she was never happier.
 Jenny was killed in the line of duty in Detroit in 2004. You can read more here.

If I could -I would tell her that these past 6 years, I have missed her a shit-ton. I think she would totally understand what I mean.


  1. Thank you for sharing. Your friend sounds like she was amazing. As long as you honor her memory she will live on.

  2. That is so sad. I'm sorry you lost your friend, and at such a young age.

    In addition to fuck cancer, I'd like to say fuck people who shoot innocent people.

  3. That was a wonderful post. I am sorry that you lost your friend, sounds like she was quite a friend.

    When I run in the Thin Blue Line race next month I will think of you and her.

  4. Beautiful post, Katie. I'm so sorry for your loss. I bet your frend is smiling down on you now, because that was a truly beautiful post. Major hugs, hon.xoxoxo

  5. *friend*. My iPhone is having a moment.

  6. Thank you all so much for your kind words. Telling her story (well, my point of view anyway) helps me to keep her alive in a way.XX

  7. I'm so sorry. She sounds like a lovely person.

    That was such a beautifully written post.

  8. So sorry for your loss Katie, keep remembering those good times. That was such a lovely post.

  9. @nerdycomputergirl
    I read your blog post today and don't know if it's just me or what but I CAN NOT comment on your blog. I have been trying lots during the time you were gone...

  10. Oh thanks Katie I will check it out!

  11. @nerdycomputergirl- I tried again. Still no luck. I sent a message to your email from friend connect. Did you get that?


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