Rant Part 2

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Don't let those super adorable smiley faces fool you. Here comes
RANT Part 2.

Are we ready? Good. I know I am.

Taylor Swift. You are a PAID professional singer. Please, for the love of all that is holy would you release a song that doesn't sound exactly like the last ten one you released?
Gee Taylor, you're in love? Oh, wait, no, you're just in total and utter anguish loving someone who doesn't realize you exist?
YOU. DON'T. say.
Please. Please. Find some new material.

While we are on the topic of music...
If you are a singer and you are under the age of 17-you are not qualified to sing about your true love. The only exceptions to this rule would be singing your undying true love for the following things:
Your Mom
Your bike
Your collection of Star Wars action figures
Your science project.
Your baby teeth


If you come into my store and ask me for something I don't carry because the product is mass marketed and WAL MART can sell it for less than I can and I tell you this, please do not take that as an invitation to climb up onto your soapbox to inform me and everyone else in the store of all of the reasons that Wal Mart is  an evil retail abomination.
Please don't assert that you can not believe that I have the gall to actually think that someone as sophisticated as you would would ever be caught DEAD in that retail giant.
Quite frankly, I don't give a damn if you shop there or not.
You did however ask me where you could get item X. I apologize if my giving you an accurate answer has offended you.
Also, once you stomp off in anger and disbelief that I would try to send you there, DO NOT let me catch you there a couple of days later buying your cart full of Hot Pockets and Boone's Farm.
Nobody admits to shopping there but everyone does.
For another example of an interesting Walmart experience check out this blog: Laying it down for all to see...

Now I am off to Walmart to pick up my Taylor Swift cd. I should also get Justin Bieber while I am there. Oh, and Hot Pockets too. I ain't too proud.


  1. Sounds like another top day. I hate it when people ask you something and then get all upset when you answer them. Gah.

  2. I never, *never* shop at Wal Mart. EVER. Unless it's convenient.

  3. Thanks for the shout out! I didn't get a picture, but it was awesome. I linked your rant, it made me smile. I would ten copies of a CD of love songs written about Star Wars Figures.

  4. Insert "buy" after would. I hate typos. :)


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