My undying and somtimes frightening love of a little show called Lost

This blog entry is all about the television show LOST. If you don't watch, there is not a lot here that will interest you  but I have one question for you: You don't freaking watch LOST? I've never heard of that. It does not compute. You are totally missing out.

So it's no big secret that I am completely obsessed to the point of needing to see a medical professional in love the show Lost. Oh, you didn't know that? Well, now you do.

 Lost is the ONE show that makes me actually want to watch television (we don't in our house. We own one but we use it for movies that we rent or playing the Wii or as a flat surface to collect anything we are too lazy to put in its correct place like the mail or half emptied glasses of milk.) Yep, no t.v. No news. No sports. No weather. No cartoons. No NOTHING.

Anywho, in the winter, when Lost comes back on for the season, I am very tempted to dismiss this silly practice so that I can sit on my big comfy couch and get 'lost' (har har) for an hour. But no. I stay strong in my convictions to be a non-t.v. household.

 Instead, I put on my "Team Locke" Sweatshirt, dress my son in his "Team Aaron" sweatshirt, tell my husband to put on some pants- team anyone. (Sometimes he just needs to be reminded...) - load everyone into the old stratus and head to my mothers' house to watch because they actually have a t.v. for watching there.

Today is the day I have been waiting for since last season ended. The final season starts. The beginning of the end. I am happy and sad. Mostly sad. I don't know what I am going to do when I don't have Lost eating up all my time. I will have to find some other show to become obsessed with. Let me just tell that show something right now: You have big shoes to fill mister so you better bring your 'A' game!!


  1. Enjoy the season premiere!!! I'm going to wake up ass early tomorrow to watch it online. This is the best show ever.

  2. Liz- I KNEW I liked you!! Did you watch? Did you like it??


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