Thank you's and ridiculous shoes

There are a few things I want to discuss today. First and MOST importantly, while making some changes to my blog this morning I noticed my little gizmo that allows people to Facebook or Tweet my blog. I never pay this gizmo much attention and honestly just added it because  I saw that other bloggers had it and it looked kind of cool.  Anyway, I saw today that someone has actually used it and Facebooked or Tweeted me. Me! Unfortunately, it does not tell me who did this so I can't come give whoever it is a great big sloppy kiss (that's probably why they don't tell you who...?)  So, I don't know who you are but : Thankyouthankyouthankyouthankyouverymuch!! From the bottom of my heart. I appreciate it very much.  Now if you would identify yourself I could thank you properly.  Just a suggestion.

Secondly- To the mom who always picks up her son from school wearing shoes that should only be sold to strippers I have this to say to you...  Are you flippin' kidding me?  You are going to wear those 6 inch stilettos to an elementary school while there is 3 inches of snow on the ground? There is ice under that snow lady! When you fall and crack your head open-and you will- yes, I will call an ambulance for you but you better believe that I will do it ONLY after I point out to any bystanders the ridiculous shoes you are wearing.  We will all nod in smug agreement that your unfortunate choice of footware will be the talk of the croc/tennis shoe wearing moms for the next month or until you get out of traction.

Yes, I  am  jealous that I can't wear 6 inch stilettos. I can't even wear 1
inch pumps. I am one of those girls with the deadly combination of top-heaviness and weak-ankleness that would lead to the immediate snapping of both ankles if I were to even THINK of wearing those kinds of shoes.  Then again, I don't know if I would wear 'em even if I could. 

Don't get me wrong, obviously these shoes have their place.  Strippers would look silly in Uggs. Porn stars would look out of place in scuba flippers (well, unless it was scuba porn (it exists. Google it)). Starlets would look a bit off in the head if they showed up to the red carpet wearing house slippers.  I get it. I do. Stilettos have some practical applications.
Hoofing through the ice and snow to pick up your first grader... no.

Just don't say I didn't warn you lady.


  1. Love it Katie! I am also a no heels to low heels girl. I look at people walking round the shopping centre in those type of heels and it just blows me away that they could find it at all comfortable!

  2. I think that she wears them to school for a very practical reason. They are 6" high...her feet won't get cold in the snow. See, when I wear my crocs my feet get SUPER cold. Now, if I was just smart enough to think of this my feet would never even touch the snow! Second, the heal doubles as an ice pick...therefore, she will never fall on the ice in I have done in my crocs. So, sorry to stick up for her, but she might be on to something. I, sadly, will still be picking my first grader up in crocs/UGGS for the rest of her life because I would kill myself in heels!

  3. Jewellee, I thought you were going to say that you were going to go directly to the shoe store and get yourself a pair of stillettos. LOL!!


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