Danger. Bad mood.

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This was originally posted on 2/25/10. But it fits today. If you've read it before, I apologize. If not, beware. Big rant to follow.
I try to love every moment of every day as much a humanly possible.
Not today.
I hate today.
I am in a terrible mood.
Not one big thing is to blame.
I blame lots of little things.
Here they are:
When people are shocked that a wild animal in captivity acts like a wild animal. And they say things like-
Oh, Why would that Orca kill that trainer? They had such a good working relationship.
Yes. I feel badly for this trainer who was killed at Sea World. I do. My heart goes out to her family. But I can not stand when people start giving animals the personalities of humans.


When people think they can change my mind about things I feel strongly about.
Listen up. I don't care how many
Barack Obama
Gay rights
Human rights

Emails that you send me. Send me a million a day for the next ten years.  You will not make me change my mind to believe the backwoods, closeminded, hypocritical, racist  things that you do. Not ever. So instead of searching the internet for "Proof" that I am clearly wrong in my convictions, why don't you take your self-righteous ass to a soup kitchen and feed some hungry people? Better use of your time.


If I hold a door open for you and you walk through it, you had BETTER say Thank you or at least acknowledge me in some way. A SCREW YOU is better than nothing. I learned to say thank you for nice gestures when I was a toddler. I still remember.

And last, but certainly not least-
If you are in a public place (let's just say McDonald's) and you feel that it is URGENT to clip your nails (let's just say in the booth right next to me) And you actually do so, be prepared to get a dirty look from me.
If you do not stop clipping after seeing said dirty look, please do not be shocked and taken aback when I ask politely if you could finish clipping in the bathroom lest one of your shooting pieces of nail shrapnel land on my table. 
You do NOT have the right to get pissed off and indignant that I would request such a thing.
You do NOT have the right to mumble under your breath:
This is a free country. I can clip wherever I want to bitch.
You DO have the pleasure of getting AXE KICKED the next time I see you.
I have memorized your face and I have enrolled in Martial arts classes.
Clip your nails in public! Not if I can help it.

I could go on and on about the little things. And I will. In part two. However, I have decided to finish this and go to bed. I think that would be safest choice for the public at large.
 (and I did, you can read Rant Part 2, here. )


  1. I love every minute of this post and agree wholeheartedly with everything, especially the Orca Drama. The first thing I said after hearing the news was 'It's a f*%&ing KILLER WHALE. What did you expect!?!'
    Further proof we'd get along famously if we ever met in real life!

  2. You know what? Get out of bed and post part 2 now. Firstly, don't take your anger to another day and secondly, you are so right that you just need to keep going.

    Still, (((hugs))) and calming thoughts to you.

  3. geez-us.. rant away if your always that entertaining. PS...my folks had dinner with Barack Obama TWICE ... my sister is bi-sexual and my husband is a conservative Bush lover! It makes for interesting dinner conversation. Also...my twitter name areyakiddinme go back to your first paragraph had to laugh!! I never heard ANY-one else say Sh*t Ton but my good friends husband. Ima tell them that means 41. Gonna stalk you a bit and see what else you got.

  4. Love it! Found your blog through Mummy Time and will now become a follower! :)

    BTW, I was in an elevator the other day with a guy who was picking his fingernails with his hotel room key. Ugh. Thank goodness he never pulled out the clippers!

  5. Where is part II?? Re: the orca -- I so agree. They belong in the f*cking ocean, not a concrete swimming pool built to entertain us. Just sad.

  6. @liz if we ever met in real life I promise not to bring my dog. If I have one. Which I don't.

    @barbara- feeling much better today. Turns out I just needed some time away from...everyone (mostly stupid people)worked like a charm

    @Tina- first, dinner with Barack Obama twice? Very nice. Your sister and your husband-hilarious. I bet dinner conversation is always high spirited. Thank you very much for stalking. YAY!! Glad you caught me on a funny day. :)

    @Sarah - I may never touch another hotel room key again. Totally gross! I hope you used my method of dirty looks/outright axe kick threaten. Works (almost) every time!

    @kbxmas - part two...soon. Thankfully I am constantly surrounded in life by stupid people so there is no shortage of inspiration there...

  7. Nothing much to say but hey look, that's my button. Thanks, Katie.XO

    and ooh hate hate those people who don't say thank you when you hold the door for them. How rude!

  8. oh wow your post bought a smile to my face!!! where's paRT 2??

  9. I loved this post! Especially since I just got into a major argument in an email loop regarding President Obama. Ugh...I wish they would quit trying to make me hate our President! Because I don't! And killer whales belong in the ocean killing other sea creatures...quit putting wild things in pools with people and they'll probably stop eating them.


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