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That simple. You have been flogged.

So, something weird happened, and from that, a blog post. (Kind of how blogs work, right? I know.)

My last post was a re-post of a rant I had in February. I re-posted it because I was in a bad mood and it really seemed to fit. It was a bit dated, but the tone was what was intended.

What happened that was weird was that it received no comments (crickets. NOOOOOOOO!). None. Well, none this time around.

I figure three things might cause this.
1. You had commented the first time it was published.
2. You are sick to death of my lack of quality posts and are showing it through 'comment silence'. Well played. Well played.
3. You've been abducted by aliens. In which case, you should've read this post. Ah, hindsight.

Lots of you did comment the first time.Thank you.
For those of you who didn't comment because you are currently in an alien spaceship or on an alien planet, after being abducted- I totally understand. (If the aliens are even letting you read this.)

I think however, that the real culprit here is my recent lack of quality posting.

I have a reason. I swear. A couple actually.

But... before I tell you the reasons, I would like to warn any of my male readers that we are going to delve into some women issues shortly. I wont get all detail heavy and gross you out or anything on purpose. I will be giving details as needed, though. If you're like my hubby and at the mere mention of women's topics, you get all queasy and green, this is your warning. Grab a garbage can and keep reading or stop here. Whatever works.

Ok. I assume I still have my lady readers and those of my men readers who have strong 'women issue' constitutions.

Reason for sub par posts number one. No home computer.  I have told you about this ad nauseam. Still true. I must do all my blogging before and after my shifts at work. I do most of my blog reading from my phone. Neither method is very convenient.  I have worked the budget a bit though, so...a new laptop is in my future.  (Then we may have the opposite problem. TOO much blogging. We'll cross that bridge if  when it happens.)

Reason numbers 2 & 3
I have been dealing with some health issues.

One being PCOS which is - Polycystic Ovary Syndrome which you can read more about here. Should you choose to do so.
PCOS causes a bunch of not very nice things in women of reproductive age, some being-but not limited to:
  • Infrequent or irregular periods
  • Prolonged or excessive periods
  • Excessive hair growth
  • and the worst, in my opinion, Lack of ovulation. Which is heart breaking.
  • Oh, and can cause weight gain, and make it harder to LOSE  the weight it caused you to gain. (Someone doesn't play fair. Hmm?)
Which is a real bitch.
PCOS, if I ever meet you in a dark alley, you wont make it out alive.

The other being Endometrial Hyperplasia go here to read about it.
This is basically the overgrowth of the lining of the womb, beyond the normal 5 millimeters in thickness (taken from the website), and the subsequent and excessive shedding there of. Think- normal period times about a thousand. Scary. Embarrassing. Messy. Extremely inconvenient.
This usually occurs in women entering menopause but, every once in a while it strikes the unsuspecting 30 year old already dealing with more feminine issues than you can shake a stick at. Read: Me.

It was so bad a couple of years ago  that I had to have a blood transfusion because I was so anemic I was almost dead. In pictures from that time, I look like a member of the Cullen family. Only paler.

Being anemic causes you to be very tired. All. The. Time.

Right before the transfusion, I couldn't even dress myself. I slept all day and only got out of bed to go to work. At work, EVERYTHING made my heart race. Even when I just pulled up a chair and sat at the register. I once tried carrying a UPS delivery into the store and all I could manage to do was vomit. It was horrible.

So, I went to my local walk in clinic and got a blood test then went to work.
A few hours later I received a call from a nurse at the clinic telling me that she  had just gotten my test results and was calling me an ambulance and that they were going to take me to the emergency room. She was, in fact, surprised I was even able to answer the phone, being on death's doorstep and all. I remember her saying something that a usual blood count was 17. Mine was at 4. I still have no idea what that means medically, but I know for a fact now, that it's not good. (Duh.)

So, blood transfusion. Check.  New nickname acquired (the Vampire). Check. Anemia repaired. Check.
Life goes on.

Until last month, when it all started again.With a new addition this time = mood swings of epic proportions. Groan.

As yet, I have avoided another transfusion, but the doctor and I have become besties. In fact, we exchanged  tokens of our new found friendship at my last appointment. I gave him my wallet and a promise of most of my future earnings, and he gave me a speculum. It was rad.

But...I am still tired. All day. Every day. I have no energy. I find  the simplest tasks of everyday life to be a  HUGE chore, let alone blog about it.
I am attempting to get this all straightened out.
Until then, I promise to do my best, post-wise.

I guess the moral of this story is that if you don't want me to have to open up the TMI files again, you better make sure to comment. A lot. *bats eyelashes*
 That may just be my HORMONES talking.
Even so. Comment, ok? My very health *cough cough cough* depends on it.

Guilt trip. CHECK.

All images courtesy of google images.


  1. Oh my god - when will I learn to take proper notice of warnings? I need some air.

    Hey you - post when you like sometimes people comment, sometimes they don't. I've barely posted anything for a while due to LB syndrome (Lazy B**tard) just because I've been working a bit hard - no I insist - don't feel sorry for me.

    you hang in there scary period lady, and keep making me laugh!

  2. That is a lot to handle! You need a prize just to find the will and the strength to blog! I hope the doc can find a way to help you get better soon. Have you checked out your thyroid hormone levels?

  3. I have endometriosis but sounds like you are going through a whole lot more.. take your time... blogging isn't all that important when you already have so much on your plate.. we will still be here for you when you return:)

  4. Yeah, so, can I blame aliens? That would be more fun than reality. Reality being packing or pitching most of the contents of a house I can't stand being in, waiting impatiently to move into the new place with the man I love, and dealing with a moody and passive-aggressive ex. OH. And also being a summertime SAHM, which has never been my strong point.

    But you win, as far as yucky goes. I've been skirting anemia again lately, as the blossoming bruises and occasional dizzy spells attest, and reading your story made me gulp. Good lord, woman. How are you able to function? I have deep respect.

    Stay strong. Literally. Please.

  5. I think I WAS abducted by aliens, because I don't remember seeing that post on my dashboard....I'll check again.

    Stay healthy.

  6. First off, your last post didn't show up in our readers (since it was a repost?), so many of us didn't know it was there, hence the lack of comments.

    Second, ugh! Sorry you are going through all that, healthwise. When I had thyroid cancer I had no thyroid hormone in my body for a while, which as a similar effect to severe anemia. Not fun. I hope you and your docs can get things sorted out soon. xx

  7. @Glen, so did you puke? Sorry. And thank you for reading.

    @Sandra, my thyroid hormone levels havent been checked. This time. I'm sure he will at my next appointment. (Tomorrow) Thank you for the reminder.

    @Wanderlust, (weird. I mean Kristin)dangit. I wondered if this may have been what happened. I thought for sure I would get at least ONE comment that went something like, "I HATE REPOSTS!" or something.
    Hope the opening didn't sound accusatory. Did it?

    @oddyoddyo13, thank you for your kind words. Turns out it didn't make it into reader.
    My bad.

    @Shanel, endometriosis. Ugh. I wouldn't wish any of this on anyone. You stay well too, huh?

    @Teacher Mommy, You get moved, I'll get better and then we will meet up and eat multiple jars of nutella, ok?

  8. Why is that linky list on there twice?
    Oh lord. I will NEVER figure this out.
    Sorry guys.

  9. Just delete the 2nd one, Katie. Edit your post, just make sure you're on HTML mode cuz it doesn't show on "Compose" mode. You still with me? Hehe.

    Now for my proper comment:

    That PCOS suck donkey balls! Hope you kick its arse soonish. Hugs baby.xoxox

  10. I've refreshed and the 2nd link is gone. That's like magic. Heh.

  11. Fark. It's still there. I better shut up now.

  12. Oh my goodness! *HUGS* I hope you are feeling better soon. Sending lotsa comment luv!

  13. Pulling the hormone/ period card for comments, eh? That's stooping looooooow.

    Periods suck hairy monkey balls. Fullstop.

  14. I hope you feel better soon. Sucks be tired all of the time. Also yeah with the laptop!

  15. Fark. I'm sorry. I don't know how I missed your last post. PCOS sucks hardcore. I love your blog, and you post quality every time. Love your work Katie!! xo

  16. 1. Hope you're feeling better soon!

    2. Felt I really, really had to comment

    3. You have actual MAN readers? I'm impressed! I haven't a single one that I know of. I was beginning to think that only NOT-MAN readers were interested in family sort of things. Nice to see this is not the case.

  17. Oh Katie,
    I'm so sorry to hear you are not well. It sucks big time when you feel out of sorts and not yourself.

    Sorry also I didn't post a comment on your re-post I did read it and thought how weird it was there were all old comments.

    And just to make your day I have to tell you that you are my very favourite blogger and I love everything you write. Your Fathers Day post was terrific too.

    anyway enough of the sucking up ... good luck getting it all sorted out soon


  18. I feel you. It was essentially *that* that send me to the doctor convinced that I had vag cancer. That was when I got diagnosed with hypothyroid.

  19. Found your blog through FYB and you are brilliant! I hope you feel better soon too.

  20. Girl. I don't want to have to pick you up on the side of the road again while you're looking like a Cullen!! I wish I could kidnap you for a day to at least not have you thinking about it all the time! PLEASE let me know if you need ANYTHING!

    WHOO HOO on the laptop:) Always a silver lining ;)


  21. Blimey, that sounds awful, I'm so sorry. And yes, also feeling guilty about not commenting on your last post. Guess I must have been abducted by aliens!

    I don't think "I hope you feel better soon" is really going to cut the mustard but I really do hope that things start to improve and you start to look a bit less vampirey.

    Take care, I'm sending lots of anti-PCOS and uterine lining thinning thoughts.

  22. Well you did warn me and now I am off to have a good lie down.


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