Why the Tooth Fairy won't be visiting us any longer.

My son lost two teeth in the last couple of months. He was talking to me about pirates (again) and I noticed that he has two new teeth coming into the missing space. I called him over so that I could look and see them up close because the new teeth look huge. One new tooth is taking up the whole spot left by two baby teeth.
Anyway, he gets right up in my face and I'm looking into his mouth mentally calculating how he is ever going to fit those huge teeth into such a small space when a look comes over his face that I interpreted as  one of nothing but total devotion to me, the woman who carried him for 9 months. A look like he was seeing me - his creator, protector, teacher- his mother -for the first time...when he says:
"Hey mom. I didn't know you had hair under your nose!"
 I say, "Uh, yep. I guess I do buddy." (slightly dismayed that I was soooo way off on the deciphering of his look)
(silly me, I thought the conversation would end there. Wrong.)
"Well mommy, for a girl, your mustache is almost as good as daddy's!"
I am currently looking into boarding schools for this young man.

Ok, maybe he has a point...but still.
Please accept my sincerest apologies for that poorly doctored photo.
Or is it?


  1. Mwahahaha! Your son is hilarious. Good luck with the boarding schools and all. Hehe.

  2. He does have the courage to say what my husband is probably thinking...or my hubby pays him to say this stuff.

  3. My son says stuff like that, only he's old enough to know better. We taught him to be honest, and now it's backfiring.

  4. My mom said "You know, pretty soon it won't be so cute!" and I am like "pretty soon?? When your angelic 6 year old is commenting on your mustache, it has already stopped being cute!"


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