Attention new followers

If you are a new follower to my blog, would you please leave your homepage or email so that I can find your blogs?  I would LOVE to visit your sites but for some reason clicking on your names and/or pictures is not working.
Thank you.
And thank you for following my blog. It give me lots of warm fuzzies!
New post tomorrow!


  1. I'm a new follower! And I love your blog... your post about the books made me laugh, my grandpa was a sucker for alien books and I inherited a ridiculous amount of them.



  2. I am pretty sure you've been over my way...
    but I am at http://catchingmysecondwind.blogspot.com and my email is catchingmysecondwind@gmail.com

  3. Hi :)

    My blog is www.missea.net


  4. @Claire Marie- I went to your sight and it said I hadn't been invited to read it and wouldn't let me in. So sad. I will try again. Maybe it's me.

    @Tina- I have and I am now a follower of your blog. I can't wait for a day off so I can read more.

    @Missea- I checked out your blog this morning and became a follower. Such good stuff!

  5. New blogger here too!

    I am enjoying reading you archives. :)

    I'm new to blogging so pretty boring over at my place right now.

  6. I meant new Follower here too. duh. ;)

  7. Hello, it's me! You've been to see me quite a few times so I don't think you need my url but if anyone else would like it *cough* it's www.bsouth.wordpress.com

  8. Hi. I managed to find your blog after you found mine. It's weird that the names are showing up, but not the blog they belong too. I was hunting through "Mummy-time" followers (all 500+) to try and match up the photo to my new followers, but realized I already spend so much time reading blogs and ignoring life that I would hope for a comment to find everyone.

    I'm loving reading your blog. It's good to kind of meet you!

    Heather @ http://travelingwith4kids.blogspot.com/


Ooh! I love me some comments!

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