a phone a boat and a munchkin. No new car.

I took a few days off there to recharge and regroup and I missed you all very much.
Sooo...lets play catch up. I will tell you some things that happened while I was not blogging and then I will read like a crazy person all day to catch up on all of the blog posts by you guys that I missed.

My life since last blog post:

Got a new phone. Not an iPhone like I was promised. It seems that I read that whole iPhone book for nothing. I thought that maybe I could blog from this new phone and probably can. Unfortunately, I am in my 30's and need one of my teenage nieces or nephews to explain the stupid thing to me because I did NOT read the book for this particular piece of crap technology.

My husband did NOT win the car that was being given away at his store. However, he DID buy a new fishing boat. So while I am sad, he honestly thinks he got the better toy anyway. Try bringing home groceries in THAT thing, buddy. Just try.

My 6 year old decided he would like to try out to be a munchkin in a community production of Wizard of Oz. The boy desperately wants to represent the Lollypop Guild. This is his hearts only desire at the moment. He is AMAZINGLY dramatic so I am sure he is a shoe-in. If not, every child who tries out gets a part. No worries.

let's see... well, that is pretty much it. Wow. Seemed like I had a lot more going on than that. Guess not. Now I must catch up on some reading and find a copy of the Wizard of Oz that is not on VHS.
Wish me luck.


  1. we missed you too! i wouldn't worry about the phone, i'm supposed to be a teenager and i still have no clue. i vote putting some wheels on that bad boy fishing boat and turning it into a hybrid, then everyone's happy. your 6 year old sounds like my kinda guy too!

  2. It's so easily done though... We have all done that at some point.

    Walk into a shop looking for some slippers or one of those 'snug rugs' (Google them - they are your future!)

    Walk out with a fishing boat.

    It happens all the time.

  3. Yes, I am the Carrie Bradshaw of cell phones as well!

  4. Oh dear. Not going completely to plan then.

    Good luck to your 6 year old.

  5. I love Wizard of Oz - good luck to your little munchkin!

  6. We missed you too! There always seems to be more to say then what actually comes out on the keyboard isn't there? Good luck to your boy and if he gets the part be sure to post pics!! ;o)

  7. Taking a few days off is *always* a good thing. Real Life comes first. Says she who needs to put her daughter to sleep (morning nap) but instead is catching up on her blog reading.; )

  8. Excuse me? You MISSED OUT on an iPhone but your husband got a new FISHING BOAT. Something is seriously wrong here! Dramatic action is needed. Drop new phone into toilet bowl tonite!

  9. I took a few days off too! We were both missing at the same time...

    P.S. I got the card and the $5! Thank you so so much!

  10. So glad you're back you might even inspire me to post something over Easter when I have time.

    And you know what the iphone... well it's not all its cracked up to be. You can't set your own alert tones and the one they have is so short if mine is stashed in my handbag I don't even hear it half the time. That's my excuse for missing important work stuff anyway!

  11. Tell your 6 year old that I said, "break a leg". :)


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