Don't try to mug me, I'm packing a cell phone.

So, I got this new phone and while it is not the phone I was expecting, it still claims to do some of the things I wanted the iPhone for such as:

Taking pictures/video

Sending and receiving email

Mobile internet access

music storage/playback

ability to download tens of thousands of apps

(thank you, google images)
This is it. It looks innocent enough but it is evil. Evil I tell you.

I was excited that I would be able to blog from my living room couch (no, I do not have a home computer. I know. That' another blog entry in itself) Anyway, so the thought of being able to blog at home and in my pj's sounded really wonderful. Until I tried it. It's basically the most difficult thing on earth to do- and I have given birth. Actually, it's not the actual blogging that's difficult. That part is pretty simple. It's getting the thing you just spent 6 hours typing on keys the size of a gnat baby gnat downloaded and posted that is the real trouble.

Reading blogs on the other hand is easy. I have had no problem keeping up with that. When I go to comment, the real trouble begins. I spend 20 minutes poking away at those tiny keys to leave a comment on something I read, only to mistakingly hit the back arrow which is kind of like a 'back in time button' because it takes me back to whatever I was JUST doing (reading someones blog entry, about to comment).  The solution is simple, right? Hit the forward key...oh wait, there is no forward key. No. That would be helpful. Alas, my lovingly and painstakingly typed comment is lost.
 Never to be seen again.

I have come up with a list of things that my phone actually does for me:

Paper weight

Swear word inducer

Possible mugging deterrent. The thing weighs like, a pound.

fingerprint collector

waster of a reasonably large sum of money*
*here it really goes above and beyond expectations.

Well, at least it does something well.


  1. I thought about getting this phone...I don't usually blog from my phone, but I do read blogs from my phone...I think I will hold off on gettting this one...

  2. I hate to laugh, I really do, but this is funny. I have an iPhone, no thats not to brag, but there's no way in hades I would try to blog on this thing. The keys are barely bigger than the ones on your phone, so you have the same issues of typing for hours for only 3 sentences. Plus sometimes it gives me the wrong letter when I know I touched the right one.

    Kudos to you and anyone who blogs on their phone, I could not do it. I suck at texting, me blogging on this thing would not be pretty.

  3. My hubby owns a touch screen phone and while on vacation I tried to access my Facebook profile and see what my FB were up to. Writing something was a complete nightmare, the "back in time" button gave me rashes and I gave up over 1 hour of trying. If it wasn't sad, it would be funny. I came to the conclusion that the new technology isn't her to help us, but to frustrate us.

  4. OMG girl, get a netbook. Best investment ever. Wireless internet + netbook = heaven.

  5. haha, hilarious! i just laughed out loud, and i'm on a family holiday at the moment, so we're all crammed into a shoe box sized room pretending to bond, and i did receive a few odd looks but at the same time there did seem to be an air of 'oh good, something funny, share it, share it, break this unbearable tension'. okay so that was the voice from my head and it turns out sharing it was a bad idea because my family appear to have no sense of humour and now clearly think i must not be related to them.
    anywayyyy, blackberrys are where it's at! but i loved your list of alternative uses, brilliant! i am personally going to work on getting you more followers, your blog deserves some serious humour recognition, i'm hooked.

  6. Katie;
    I tried blogging from my phone last weekend, typed up 7 pages of text, and hit send thinking woot-woot, blogging done for the day- Monday morning; come to work check blog..SEVEN POSTS OF THIS- &()&&$%rvDSFHSHS*&*&#$fv gjJDS.. For real. Not one word in there that made a bit of sence. So for now I am a work-place only blogger. :)

  7. I was going to attempt to blogging from my phone (I have a blackberry) but I thought it would probably be too hard. After reading this post I have decided that it would definitey be too hard and I'm definitely a computer blogging type of girl. I struggle enough trying to look at facebook and text on the phone. I can only imagine if I attempted blogs.

  8. Ouch, that sounds painful! I've got an iPhone. I love it to bits but I'd never try blogging from it. Bloody tiny keys and chance of randomly losing connection and taking me back three pages is enough to put me off.

  9. I am so glad Carrie Bradshaw made it cool to be cell-phone-dumb. Because I am.

  10. Oh I feel your pain! Tried to do it on my new iphone and no way jose am I gonna do that again.

  11. Hmmm, I dunno. I was recently at a "working bee" to build a wooden deck for a friend. The spirit level went missing but there were 3 iphones with a spirit level app that saved the day.

    After all this time, I'm finally sold on the iphone...


  12. Just found your blog. Can so relate. My phone (same as yours) is fast becoming a source of great frustration. I look forward to following you

  13. Thank you all for your lovely comments! This whole phone drama has kept me blogging and I have been neglecting all of you but I am diligently working on catching up on all I have missed and getting to know my new followers.


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